Pet Bunnies | meet my bunny bros

Kimba Likes Pet Bunnies. Meet my bunny bros - two gorgeous wee Netherland dwarf rabbit brothers named Lord Carrot and Bowie Bonbon

I’m so excited to introduce you to our gorgeous new family members – pet bunnies named Lord Carrot and Bowie Bonbon.

They’re delightfully darling little brothers, only five months old, and full size already.  Just teeny tiny little chaps!

They’re Netherland dwarf rabbits, and the runts of their litter.  We’ve absolutely fallen in love with them – not a lot got done in our house on the day of their arrival.  Unless you include rearranging the entire back garden to accommodate their hutch.  Pet bunnies just make you fall in love!

Our much loved and missed Bolt and Mr Bunsy
Our much loved and missed Bolt and Mr Bunsy


Life just hasn’t been the same without pet bunnies bouncing around in the back garden.  We missed Bolt and Mr Bunsy so much when they passed away separately last year, and earlier this year.

We were finally ready to welcome some new pet bunnies into our lives.  We had to wait until we had been away for the October school holidays, as we didn’t want to move new baby rabbits to a bunnysitting location.  They’re not fabulous at relocation, being territorial little beasties.

We arrived home from holiday on Saturday morning, and by Saturday afternoon, I had arranged to meet two darling little rabbits, then known as Cookie and Squirrel, on Sunday morning.  By Sunday lunchtime, they were firmly ensconced in our garden and in our hearts.

Kimba Likes Pet Bunnies. Meet my bunny bros - two gorgeous wee Netherland dwarf rabbit brothers named Lord Carrot and Bowie Bonbon

Bowie Bonbon is a gentle soul, with a white slash across his nose and one brown and one blue eye.  Clearly, he just had to be named for the Thin White Duke, Mr David Bowie.  His white nose slash is a bit Ziggy Stardust too.

Kimba Likes Pet Bunnies. Meet my bunny bros - two gorgeous wee Netherland dwarf rabbit brothers named Lord Carrot and Bowie Bonbon

Lord Carrot is ruled by his stomach.  He’s much more fond of food than his brother, Bowie, so we shall have to keep an eye on that situation!  He is a cookies and cream colour combination, with a creamy white ruff, white blaze and white circled eyes.

Kimba Likes Pet Bunnies. Meet my bunny bros - two gorgeous wee Netherland dwarf rabbit brothers named Lord Carrot and Bowie Bonbon

Our pet bunnies are terribly keen on grass, and go cray cray for a Kimba Likes Daily Treat of a slice of orange.  Luckily, the weather had been too wet to mow the lawn before we went away for a week.  The Bunny Bros have made short work of it.

They are also quite fond of weeds – thank goodness, as we seem to have lost our grass in favour of weeds over the winter.  They’ve been loving their al fresco dining.

Meet my bunny bros - two gorgeous wee Netherland dwarf rabbit brothers named Lord Carrot and Bowie Bonbon

When we moved them into their hutch yesterday afternoon, I gave them another treat to ease the process.  Carrots are a daily treat for pet bunnies, not a staple food.

Lord Carrot made short work of his share of carrot, and then started in on his brother’s portion.  Bowie worked this out and whilst Lord Carrot was chewing his section of carrot, leaned over, picked up the piece of carrot with his mouth, moved it back to his side and took a big bite.  Whilst he was chewing his mouthful, Lord Carrot put his head down for another bite of his delicious carrot, only to discover it wasn’t there.  He sneakily picked up the carrot from under Bowie’s nose and turned his back on Bowie so he could eat his carrot in peace.  The look on Bowie’s face when he finished his mouthful and bent down to eat his now disappeared carrot was absolutely priceless.

Pet Bunnies | meet my bunny bros

The settling in process is taking a little time.  We’re being careful to talk in a calming voice and pet them gently, and leave them alone when they’re in their safe spaces.  The process of moving homes is quite overwhelming for humans, let alone two tiny pet bunnies.

Our family now feels complete again, with little pet bunnies as our newest members.  I’d love to finish this post here, as it was written on Thursday evening.

Sadly, we’ve had the most horrific weekend with the Bunny Bros.  Poor Bowie has contracted vestibular disease, caused by a nasty parasite.  On Friday evening, I noticed his leg was dragging a little, and took him to the vet for a checkup.  We reached the conclusion that he may have sprained a muscle jumping off his castle shelter.  He was treated with some anti-inflammatories with instructions to come back if anything changed.

Just a few hours later on Saturday morning, something had definitely changed.  Bowie had rolling eyes, a severe head wobble, was circling and unable to move independently without toppling over.  Back to the vets we went for a diagnosis and treatment.

Bowie was checked into bunny ICU, where he could begin his antibiotic regime, be syringe fed Critical Care food, get hydrated and remain under observation.

On Sunday, he was well enough to come home to be nursed by me as the vets trusted me to take care of Bowie.  Unfortunately, as the parasite is transmittable to humans, I need to await medical advice.  I have autoimmune disease and a compromised immune system so am more susceptible to such risks.

Bowie is still hanging out at the vets, being fed via syringe and trying valiantly to eat by himself.  This ability is critical to his future health, the wee dab.  It may take him a few weeks to regain his strength enough to do this.

Pet Bunnies | meet my bunny bros

Lord Carrot is searching high and low for his missing brother.  He’s a wee bit mistrustful of me.  Pretty understandable since I was the last one seen with his missing brother.  We’re slowly getting there together.  He let me hand feed him some fresh basil leaves today.  He fortunately shows no sign of the disease but we are treating him with the month long course of antibiotics too.

Fingers crossed my doctors give me the all clear to care for the bunnies at home, with precautions such as disposable gloves when cleaning them, and cuddling them in blankets to prevent any accidental scratches.  Otherwise, the vets will work with us to find a boarding solution.

I’ll tell you what, those darling little bunnies are very lucky they’re cute!  Talk about drama llama!


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