Pokeboyo Birthday Celebration



We celebrated Boyo’s ninth birthday with some of his mates last weekend, but this week is his actual birthday.  Let the birthday celebration commence!

If you were a 9 year old boy, I don’t think you could have imagined a more perfect day!  Birthday celebration FTW!

Boyo woke up around 6am, as per usual and, as agreed the night before, yelled “PRESENTS!”.  I piggybacked the cheeky little monkey into our room, where he unwrapped a pile of presents – mostly clothes and DVDs and a new design diary for his video game designing.  What did you want to be when you grew up?  Good to have a goal, I think.

The lovely Lisa from Sweet Little Pretties, knowing how much Boyo loved Pokemon, sent him a pile of Pokemon books. Oh, the joy on his face!  What a gorgeous thing to do.  Roxy, whom I work with at Red Cross Rozelle, gave him an iPhone blaster game device, and it was very nearly his favourite present.



Until … he opened a brand new Pikachu hoodie, complete with ears, tail and face.  He insisted on wearing it tied tightly under his chin with the ears sticking up!  The evolution from Boyo to Pokeboyo was complete!



Not forgetting his actual birthday present, which he received two days early – an iPad Mini!  We’re not completely profligate.  We made him pay half the costs of the iPad and super duper camo cover case – he will treasure it all the more having really earned it.  He’s been saving money for several months and put some of his birthday money towards it.  Having family overseas means birthday money is always on the cards (or should that be IN the cards?)



After the present extravaganza, it was time for breakfast in bed.  Boyo had requested pancakes and bacon with maple syrup, and so it was delivered.  As requested.

Next up, time for a new DVD.  Yogi Bear to be precise.  Not quite the worst kids’ movie of all time, but I do hope Anna Faris has since had blue screen lessons, as in most of her “scenes” with Yogi, she is facing in completely the wrong direction.



It looked as though the thunderstorm was going to set in, but aha!  It cleared, the sun came out and off we trooped to Luna Park.  Oh, how we love Luna Park.  Such a gorgeous piece of Sydney history!  We discovered that birthday celebrators receive a named badge and a free packet of fairy floss!  Rest assured, Boyo was not hesitant in receiving this great gift.  His game prize was also upgraded, bless them.



Lots of fun rides, and we even managed to catch up with one of his school friends.  Boyo had a whale of a time, got buzzed, soaked, thrilled and spun upside down.  Anyone would think it was his birthday or something!



Lunch time and so we headed off for Boyo’s favourite pub.  I’m afraid the Three Weeds has been supplanted in his affections and he’s now an East Village Hotel man.


The rest of the day was spent enjoying the new iPad Mini, the new iPhone blaster and just relaxing.  Perfect!



Boyo’s final special birthday request was packet sticky date pudding for his birthday cake.  After a late afternoon tea of leftover treats from his weekend’s party, he wasn’t terribly hungry for dinner.  Since you only have one ninth birthday dinner in your life, why not have sticky date pudding with bubblegum and marshmallow icecream?  Mother of the Year, right here!

After reading with Daddy, it was my turn for the bedtime routine.  Oh, how I love the snuggles and cuddles.  As he is getting to be a bigger and bigger boy, I’m getting fewer cuddles and sometimes he’s not keen on holding my hand in public.  But bedtime just isn’t bedtime without cuddles with Mama, 200 kisses and a dozen or so raspberries.  He’s recently developed a fascination for hearing stories about his babyhood.  There’s the Puggle Game, baby Slugging with baby slobbery kisses the prize at the end, and the infamous Poo Bomb incident of 2004.  Read about some of them here.



I’m still quite unsure of quite how my little baby managed to become this big boy – he’s as tall as my mouth now and his feet are only two sizes smaller than mine.  He’s just the light of my life.  I’m so enjoying his company and watching his journey towards the man he will become.  That’s going to be a pretty awesome bloke, I reckon.  And I’m going to be a pretty awesome mother in law.  I’m taking auditions!


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