why you should put yourself on your To Do List

why you should put yourself on your To Do list

put yourself on your To Do ListI’m pretty good at telling other people what to do.  Right now, I’m going to tell you why you should put yourself on your To Do list.

As a mother, the first born child, the only daughter, the first grandchild on both sides, a former EA / office manager, a personal stylist, and a blogger who writes advice posts, I’m a born bossy boots with a CV to match.

For years, I’ve been on the case of telling people to put themselves on their own To Do list!

put yourself on your To Do List | Kimba Likes

another Kimba Likes Daily Treats me time moment

The Kimba Likes Daily Treats project was created out of the desire to help women prioritise themselves –  by taking the time for small Me Time moments.  As a blogger, I share stories and write about taking care of yourself.  I insist the people I love prioritise their health, both mental and physical.

After all, how can we look after other people if we don’t look after ourselves first?

I’m always telling people to go and see a doctor. Get a referral to a specialist.  Schedule checkups. Talk to a psychologist. Whatever it is you need.  Just make sure that you put yourself on your To Do list.

However, I get why we don’t always prioritise ourselves.  Why we let things slide, and why we figure we will get around to getting that looked into.  Soon.  Well, soonish.  Just as soon as we’ve done everything else and made sure everyone else is OK.

put yourself on your To Do list | the discovery

Last year, I was diagnosed with Stage 4 endometriosis, adenomyosis and ovarian cysts.  I had surgery, where I had a hysterectomy and endometrial growth removed.  I also had a disc resection of my bowel to remove a large endometrial growth.

At that time, the bowel surgeon discovered pre-cancerous polyps but they were too close to the resection to remove safely at the time.

He asked me to schedule surgery for December.  Maybe January.  Unfortunately, I left it so long I had to get another referral letter.

Yesterday, I took myself out for coffee and then to his rooms.  I handed over my forms, got a tonne of forms to fill out, and booked a surgery date then and there.  Oh, the relief!

The thing is with bowel polyps is that they run a very big risk of causing cancer.  With my family history of colorectal cancer, it was particularly stupid of me to put my head in the sand and not prioritise my health.

put yourself on your To Do List | Kimba Likes

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put yourself on your To Do list | the next stage

Another reason that it was a silly thing for me to do? I’ve affected my own health, and the wellbeing of my family, by delaying this day surgery.

Yep, recently I started feeling terrible.  I experienced mood swings, hair and skin changes, restless legs, nausea, exhaustion, breathlessness, increased anxiety, dizziness and my body was having issues regulating temperature.  Oh, I was a treat to be around.

I went to see my doctor, and she sent me for a raft of blood tests.  Expecting a diagnosis of peri menopausal hormonal changes, or thyroid issues, I was surprised when the results came back as low iron.  I’m not anaemic but I’m not far off.

Of course, I always want to know why.  My iron levels are half what they were before my hysterectomy.  Colour me surprised! I thought not losing far too much blood every month would have had an opposite effect.

I did that thing you’re really not supposed to do – I asked Dr Google.  It turns out that colon polyps can cause low iron from chronic slow bleeding that isn’t visible when you go to the loo.

So by delaying a relatively minor day surgery procedure, I’ve gone and stuffed up my health temporarily.

Because I’m not prepared to stuff up my health permanently, I’m going to make damn sure I prioritise my health in the future.

Because I’m a bossy boots, I’m going to ask you to put yourself on your To Do list.

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