Quirky Courtyard Garden

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One of the things I’m discovering is that the lovely people who read Kimba Likes are interested in what goes on behind the scenes.  They’ve asked to see more of my garden and house.

Well, your wish is my command!  We are currently organising quotes to get our main bathroom zjhushed up, our house repainted and looking at converting my laundry into a proper launtry.  Or is that pandry?  It’s valuable storage space that needs to be utilised.

So, it’s not really terribly photogenic at the moment!  My tropage (Kimba for tropical cottage) garden, however, is looking quite pretty. Especially after the brushwood fence that fell down recently has been replaced with a nice shiny new one.

I love to garden like a Granny.  Our modern terrace garden is pocket handkerchief sized, with a teensy lawn and very shallow garden beds.  We can walk and bus to the CBD in about 20 minutes on an average day, so we are fairly urban.  Space is at a premium in our increasingly gentrified suburb, and the large garden is a rarity.

I’ve been able to unleash some of my creativity, and discovered a green thumb, in creating an eclectic, welcoming yet practical quirky courtyard garden. There’s space to dry laundry, to grow foods like strawberries and herbs, for bunnies to roam, for a barbecue with friends, to sit and have a coffee or just curl up with a book, and of course for endless Boyo games of handball.  Our very kind neighbours are adept at throwing balls back over the fence!

My Quirky Courtyard Garden / Kimba LIkes to Garden like a Granny

The brushwood fences aren’t my preferred option but the wire holding them together creates the perfect opportunity for a wall garden. A thrifted metal rail and a side-of-the-road-find birdcage, combined with some colourful pots, metal S hooks and plants decorate the back wall.

Sadly, the massive ponytail palm tree that would have been visible in this image was a victim of the collapsed fencing!  I’ve managed to replant the top in the garden and am hopeful the base will resprout too.

My Quirky Courtyard Garden / Kimba LIkes to Garden like a Granny

I had rather a surplus of polished jade pebbles from my Big Four Oh My Gods birthday party.  I decided I needed something that represented “rock” for my placecards. I found these beauties at a local garden supply centre.   I collected vintage demitasse teacup sets and pewter tankards for each guest.  They made the perfect placecards, with a decorative parcel tag, containing a balloon, a lollipop and a rock.  Because 40 doesn’t suck or blow.  40 rocks!

I love the bright cobalt pots with the pale jade stone, and a bright green agave.  The bunny figurine got dropped between the shop and the car, but looks very pretty as a garden ornament.

My Quirky Courtyard Garden / Kimba LIkes to Garden like a Granny

Large bright blue pots fill in the space between the house and the garden beds with pops of colour.  Smaller pots in the same colour are scattered around the garden edge.

The sandstone statue is named Yogi and was bought as a Christmas / housewarming gift from overseas family when we moved in way back at the end of 2001.

My quirky courtyard garden is enveloped in delicious jasmine scent in the warmer months from a wall of Chinese star jasmine.  The frangipani didn’t flower this year, and I had precisely one gardenia flower.  I blame the Bunny Bros and their incessant appetite for baby gardenia leaves!

My Quirky Courtyard Garden / Kimba LIkes to Garden like a Granny

I’m drawn to succulents, bromeliads, and other self propagating plants. They look beautiful all year around and make even the most black-thumbed gardener feel like a propagating pro.  Literally, just rip off a bit, plant it and voila!

I have pots and planters filled with succulents in various stages of growth.  I move them from pot to pot to planter until they’re big enough to be planted in the garden.  They look really pretty in the meantime!

My Quirky Courtyard Garden / Kimba LIkes to Garden like a Granny

My pallet wall garden has been pressed into service as a bunny run wall, since they’re no longer allowed to free range, the naughty boys!

My Quirky Courtyard Garden / Kimba LIkes to Garden like a Granny

Vintage 50s metal planters, a cheeky Kmart cockatoo, teacups as planters, IKEA pots, metal letters, retro intercom phones, and repurposed wine rack bits come together in a hot mess to create a fun wall garden feature in my quirky courtyard garden.

My Quirky Courtyard Garden / Kimba LIkes to Garden like a Granny

Ah, how’s the serenity?  Our quirky courtyard garden is an outdoor room in the warmer months.  We’ve even spent hours outside in the cooler evenings with the Welshman’s firepit (created from a mini kettle barbecue), toasting marshmallows for s’mores.

It embraces the adage of reduce, reuse, recycle, with many pieces being thrifted or rescued from hard rubbish pickups, or repurposed.  A cracked ginger jar makes a lovely garden planter, for example. Even the plants themselves follow this philosophy!

I adore my quirky courtyard garden.  It’s not the biggest garden around, but it does a great job of adding colour and happiness to our daily lives.

Are you lucky enough to have a large garden? Do you garden in bonsai pots? Do you love to garden like a Granny too?

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  • Lisa Mckenzie - 9 February 2015 - 5.42 pm

    Your garden is lovely just like you Kimba xxReplyCancel

  • Jo Hardy Brown - 9 February 2015 - 12.13 pm

    I love this! I have a biggish suburban garden which has allowed us to get chooks but I wouldn’t mind downsizing to a wee parcel of land in the future…ReplyCancel

  • merilyn - 9 February 2015 - 9.09 am

    your garden is a magical space kim!
    the fairies would go there! <3 it! love m:)XReplyCancel

    • Kimba - 10 February 2015 - 9.35 pm

      Oh, how cute. I’d love fairies in my garden!ReplyCancel

  • Sonia Bavistock - 9 February 2015 - 3.51 am

    I’m not a green thumb AT ALL, but I adore your garden. It has such a tranquil feel and I felt right at home. xReplyCancel

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