Quirky Father’s Day Gifts from Pitchi

Kimba Likes Quirky Father's Day Gifts from Pitchi #fathersday #pitchi #kimbalikes

Do you want Number One child status? Want your baby daddy worshipping the ground you walk on? Well, this Father’s Day, step away from the socks and jocks. The dads in your life deserve more. Let me show you how to step it up a notch with Pitchi.

Look, it just won’t be Father’s Day in our family with socks and jocks – they’ve become a kitschy in joke. There will also be sweet treats, cool threads and funky oddities.  Plus an assortment of international beers – the weirder, the better.

We were already sorted for Father’s Day this year when I was introduced to Pitchi – and now I’m sorted for Father’s Day 2016.  Plus Christmas.  Not to forget birthdays.  For everyone.  I may have already made a wish list for me too.  Oh Em Gee.  Total geek out on the quirky, individual, unique, innovative and fun gift ideas!

Let’s talk about Pitchi

You may have noticed that if I can support a local business, then I will.  I love the creativity and vibe engendered by local startups, micro businesses and entrepreneurs.  Their innovative take on making existing products better, and the amazing creativity in establishing a whole new paradigm.

Pitchi brings all of those things together and unleashes them on the world!

Imagine you’re a micro business start up with an amazing product that you want to get out there.  You know it is awesome – you just need everyone else to know it too.

Enter Pitchi – their online platform has been engineered to do just that.  Innovative new products are showcased and promoted, plus an online selling space makes it easy for consumers to get on board.

It’s all about video lately – have you noticed? Facebook, Instagram, even Pinterest, and, of course, YouTube.  Pitchi has harnessed the power of the video to showcase their amazing entrepreneurs.  Totes clever as it is the closest you can get to touching, seeing, experiencing a new product online.

Every product comes complete with a video to enhance your experience.  Seeing it in action makes it so much easier to understand and experience and imagine your life, just better, with your new products discovered on Pitchi.

Father’s Day Gifts

Pitchi have even made the gift guying experience (that’s gift buying for the Blokefolk in your life) innovative for Father’s Day with a gift guide.  Check out these awesome Father’s Day gift ideas.

Kimba Likes Quirky Father's Day Gifts from Pitchi #fathersday #pitchi #kimbalikes

Gift Guying Guide for Relaxing Dads

The Tube Backpack | Tooletries | Quicksand Mat | Cricket Cooler | Leather Beer Sleeve | Wine Rack | Hologramer Capsule Slide | Stain Resistant T-Shirt

Kimba Likes Quirky Father's Day Gifts from Pitchi #fathersday #pitchi #kimbalikes

Gift Guying Gadget Guide

Chipolo Item Finder | MaCO Combo Set | Silo Mesh Card | Essentialist Wallet | Key Caddy | Jukecase Mini | Guitar Hanger

Have you heard of Pitchi before?  Think it is as cool as I do?  How many things are on your list?!

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