I am absolutely loving being a redhead!  I simply adore my new red hair – it is so very Kimba.

The Welshman had a fabulous idea for my Big Four Oh My Gods party – that I should surprise my guests by rocking up with platinum blonde hair.

I loved the idea and immediately booked it in with the fabulous Stevie English team in Glebe.  Months and months ago.

However, I kept thinking that maybe I’d prefer to be a redhead instead.  You have no idea how hard it was keeping this secret, by the way.

I consulted Stevie, the guru himself, and he suggested copper.  I absolutely loved the idea, but what really sold me was that going blonde was probably far too high maintenance for me, plus it would detonate my curls.  My curls are my number one lazy girl beauty secret so they had to stay!  Copper it was.

Another benefit of going copper was that I got to surprise the Welshman too.  Bless his little cotton socks.



As going copper meant just a permanent hair colour could be applied without any need for pre-lightening (hairdresser speak for bleaching the hell out of your hair), it was a considerably less arduous process too, and I got to stay in bed for a little longer on the Saturday morning.  A 10am appointment was far more civilised than an 8am, don’t you think?

The ridiculously beautiful and uber talented Naomi sorted out my hair and kept me calm.  I have to admit I was a little bit nervous!  I had had a cut and fancy pants blowdry on Thursday with the gorgeous hairdresser extraordinaire Zoe.  Talk about a lady who lunches – two dinners out and two hair appointments in one week.  I could get used to this!

I think I’ve always been destined to be a redhead.  I’ve got pale skin and green eyes.  What was I thinking?  I should have done this years ago, but I am absolutely making the most out of it now!

To keep my colour fresh and pretty, I’m washing only twice a week, and using a personalised Original Mineral Seven Day Miracle Masque as my conditioner.  It’s been topped up with my copper hair colour – such a good idea!

One of the things I love about the new redhead version of me is that I haven’t had to change any of my makeup – it all still works.  I’m still wearing orange, pink and red lipsticks.  I do love smashing some fashion rules, after all.  However, when I was at the International Spa & Beauty Expo recently with Rachel from Redcliffe Style, we were treated to amazeballs Image Skincare facials, followed by Youngblood makeovers.  We couldn’t possibly saunter around a beauty expo sans makeup after all!

I was so impressed with the Youngblood Eyebrow Kit that I picked myself up one – in Auburn.  So now I’m a “real redhead” complete with matching brows.



Perhaps you could call it a midlife crisis.  Call it whatever you like.  I really don’t care as I’m absolutely loving my new redhead self sick!





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