School Fundraiser : 80s Flashback!




Every year, Boyo’s school holds a fundraiser.  Every year, it has a costume theme.  Every year I swear I’m not going to go.  But … every year one of my besties is the lead singer in the most amazing band, Parental as Anything, and I just have to go!  Fabulous name, don’t you think?  Yes, all my own work, thanks very much.

This year, the theme was 80s Flashback.  I loathe costume parties and I particularly loathe the 80s.  I started high school in 1987 so I’m more of a woman of the 90s.  Remember that phrase? Just me then? I have vague memories of a mint polkadotted rara skirt with matching crop top, wearing one neon pink sock and one neon blue sock, plastic parrot dangly earrings, bubble gum jeans, white hole punched leather ankle boots, stonewash denim, oversized floral shirts worn over tube skirts.  Vague, because I’ve buried them very deep!

Last year’s theme was the Oscars and the year before was Halloween.



The outfit preparation

I was kinda horrified that I was able to pull this makeup look together from the contents of my own makeup drawers.  The earrings were a last minute find from the Rozelle Markets, and the dress and jacket were also opshopped.  Do you love the shoes?  I luff them so hard.  I’m so wearing them again.  They were brand new, thrifted and worth every cent of the $12 I paid for them!



The final look

Good gods, the hairspray!  The eyeliner!  The hair teasing!  The lack of natural fibres!  I already worship at the altar of Original Mineral hair products, but I am in particular awe of Original Queenie hairspray.  That quiff got half a glass of wine accidentally chucked over it (not by myself, I hasten to add), and survived hours of dancing in an incredibly hot and sweaty room.  The next morning, it was still in place, yet brushed out in seconds.



Flashdance Flashback

Did you recognise all the fabulous stars who attended the 80s flashback fundraiser?  Toni Basil, Hulk Hogan, Andre Agassi, Adam Ant, Animal, Cher (the male and female version), Devo, and various fabulous 80s girls and boys.

I was lucky enough to win the silent auction for a bespoke cocktail hat by Embellish Atelier, featuring the gorgeous design work of couture milliner Catherine Kelly.  Catherine also conducts workshops, which I would absolutely love to do one day.  Just found out I apparently also won a bracelet and a photography session. Oops. I wasn’t even drinking!

Are you an aficionado of costume parties?  Do you love getting dressed up as a character?  Are you a fan of the 80s?


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