Shooting the Moon : Always read the instructions

I am a spoilt brat who got a fabulous new Canon G1X camera for her birthday.  She is a little darling and looks sensational in her gorgeous leather frock.  But whilst I downloaded the fabulous Beyond Snapshots by Rachel Devine of Sesame Ellis and Peta Mazey to my iPad, as well as the Canon User Guide, I haven’t done much more than look at Rachel’s very pretty pictures, and flick through the user guide,  and apparently didn’t retain a single iota of information.



Over the long weekend, we had a fabulous lunch, which extended into the early evening, with some old friends who have returned to Sydney for a year from the UK, with their kids in tow.  It’s an amazing adventure and we are just so delighted to have them “home” again.  From their Manly Vale balcony, I noticed the most beautiful moon, just suspended in the sky, framed gorgeously by trees and houses and clouds.  Unfortunately, as I couldn’t remember how to work my camera properly, I just had to fiddle around and hope for the best.









Some of these didn’t turn out too badly, considering I had all the settings completely up the duff and had no clue.  Imagine how they could have turned out if I’d known what I was doing.  Like if I’d, you know, read the instructions!

Moral of the story?  Always read the instructions!  Especially when attempting something like shooting the moon.  It’s not like I’m a man or anything.  I really have no excuse.

Excuse me, whilst I go moon over my new camera.



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