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Manly men in Manly

I’ve wanted to know how to skate for years and years.  I would love to be able to nonchalantly roll down the streets with the wind blowing in my hair.  Instead, I just wore the gear for most of the 90s.  Ahhh, dreams and memories.  Luckily, Boyo has been infected with the skater bug and started lessons recently with Skater HQ in Manly.

I’m thankful for the opportunity to be a stage skate mum and live vicariously through my son.  Parenthood – imagine the possibilities.


And they’re away!

Skater HQ run lessons every day of the week at Manly or Moore Park.  We chose Manly – a beautiful location where a mama can hang out under a tree, and where a small very tired and sweaty boy can be rewarded with a Ben & Jerry’s treat for his hard work.  Oh yeah!  I see beachside family fish & chip dinners in our future after afternoon skate lessons.  Yippeee!


Fiip tricks

Lessons can be held at Manly or Moore Park, and you can learn how to use pretty much anything with wheels!  There are private lessons (great value at $60 for an hour of one on one attention), group lessons and they even do school sport sessions, complete with gear and equipment.


All geared up and ready to roll

Skater HQ also have a fab reward program.  We received a book of vouchers with discounts and free lessons.  They did us a great deal on proper protective gear (and were too polite to laugh out loud at the crap stuff we’d brought with us).  They recommended a fab skateboard specifically for Boyo, and gave us advice on shoes.  Oooh, love a shoe shopping opportunity!


That’s how he rolls

We want to give a shout out to Chris, who took Boyo for his lesson.  He was encouraging, firm and endlessly patient.  He’s full of advice and obviously really loves working with kids and introducing them to the delights of skating – you can tell, as it just shines out of him.  Boyo has a serious case of hero worship now!


One proud new skateboard owner enjoying his Ben & Jerry’s reward

Check out Boyo’s sweet new ride!  He’s been fab at doing his daily practise too.  He’s also totes embraced being a skater – every single sentence he utters is prefaced with “dude”.  Seriously.

Boyo isn’t really a team sport kind of guy – this is precisely what he told me when I asked him if he wanted to sign up for soccer again in Year 2.  We’ve been trying to find a sport that rocks his world and ignites his passion.  Tick, tick, tick!


Lupe Fiasco – image source

This is our new theme song – Lupe Fiasco – “Kick Push”


Kimba Likes Keeping It Real Policy:

Please click here to read my Keeping It Real policy.  This is not a sponsored post – I just fricking loved the service, the team and the mad skillz of the Skater HQ team at Manly, and wanted to share our fabulous experience.  If you’re a Sydney local and have a budding skater in your life, you need Skater HQ.  Simple as that.



  • Rachel from Redcliffe Style - 11 February 2013 - 6.14 pm

    I can’t skateboard but I’m awesome on roller skates. I recently won a game of Red Rover at my local rink. Boyo looks like a pro. So much fun. Rachel xReplyCancel

    • Kim-Marie Williams - 12 February 2013 - 7.09 am

      I’m terrible at roller skating but I can still do a running cartwheel with tuck. Well done you on the Red Rover (even though I have no idea what this is!). xReplyCancel

  • Cathy - 11 February 2013 - 2.35 pm

    Looks and sounds like he’s loving it! I wrote about sports too – two of mine enrolled in different things this year. Team sports aren’t for everyone. Was talking to a girlfriend this week who is entitling her son on BMX bike riding because he would prefer that to a team sport. I think it’s great that they can all do something they love! P.S. You’re a very cool mum xxReplyCancel

    • Kim-Marie Williams - 12 February 2013 - 7.11 am

      That’s the important thing – finding something they love to do. Especially if you’ve spent $300 on kit! Oh, and thank you. Boyo only thinks that sometimes – most of the time I’m the meanie who makes him do his homework! xReplyCancel

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