Skin Juice Gift Bar | Christmas Gift Ideas

Skin Juice Gift Bar featuring gifted product and service

Kimba Likes Skin Juice Gift Bar | Christmas Gift Ideas

Let’s talk about Skin Juice

More than 20 years ago, the founder of Skin Juice, Joanne Dampney, created a professional grade skin care range packed full of nutrients from fruits, plants and superfoods.

Made without compromise, Skin Juice products have three essential requirements which must be fulfilled; safety, purity and effectiveness.  They are committed to use the healthiest natural, organic and cosmeceutical grade ingredients, free from harmful chemicals and animal testing.  Proudly manufactured in Australia too.

Look at all the things it doesn’t have!

  • no parabens
  • no synthetic colours
  • no synthetic preservatives
  • no PEGS
  • no alcohol
  • no silicones
  • no Phenoxyethanol
  • no chemical SPFS
  • no mineral oils
  • no petrochemicals
  • no phthalates
  • no SLS
  • no soap or castile
  • no animal testing

All of Skin Juice’s products are natural, organic, active and fresh.  Sounds like a delicious eating plan, and that’s not a bad analogy!

Skin Juice is a balanced diet for your skin.  Each product in the range is designed to feed the skin with nutrients, proteins, minerals, vitamins and essential fatty acids.  Just like a balanced diet nourishes the body, Skin Juice cares for your skin.

Kimba Likes Skin Juice Gift Bar | Christmas Gift Ideas

Skin Juice Daily Diet

  • Juice Cleanse – the first step in your nightly routine (cleanser)
  • Skin Drink – the second step in your nightly routine (skin treatment essence)
  • Night Nutrition – the third step in your nightly routine (skin oil)
  • Skin Drink – the first step in your morning routine (skin treatment essence / toner)
  • Day Quencher – the second step in your morning routine (moisturiser)
  • Supplements – use as needed (treatments, serums, exfoliants, eye care and body care)

click here to read more about the Skin Juice Daily Diet

I’ve been following the Daily Diet for a week or so now, and I’ve noticed a massive difference in my skin from skipping the morning cleanser and prepping my skin with the delicious Skin Drink.  The Skin Oil leaves my skin soft to the touch in the morning and non-greasy as I hop into bed.

Cleansing at night with an oil cleanser is something I used to do occasionally, but since I have commenced using an oil cleanser every night, I’m much happier with how my skin feels and looks.  Deeply cleansed without the stripping that can occur.

Using a fabulous moisturiser like the Flower Juice under my SPF product has made visible differences to the glowiness of my skin too.  The combination of nourishing as well as protecting is working beautifully for me.

Kimba Likes Skin Juice Gift Bar | Christmas Gift Ideas

Skin Juice Gift Bar

So now we know all about Skin Juice and their delicious skincare, I want to talk to you about an awesome gifting idea.

Introducing the Skin Juice Gift Bar!

  • start with the gorgeous Doris gift box and matching card.  It’s $12.95 and delivery is free once you’ve spent $100 +
  • handpick the perfect collection of Skin Juice products to be lovingly placed inside
  • share a personalised message to the lucky person you’re creating a gift for
  • receive a free Vanilla + Honey Face Mask as a gift for purchases $120 and over

Kimba Likes Skin Juice Gift Bar | Christmas Gift Ideas

My Skin Juice Gift Bar picks

Because I am like super duper lucky, I got the opportunity to test drive the Skin Juice Gift Bar for you!  Check out which products I selected.

Kimba Likes Skin Juice Gift Bar | Christmas Gift Ideas

  • Skin Juice Bio Juice Hydrating Skin Drink – to put the bounce back into dehydrated skin with lots of antioxidants and calm redness and irritation with soothing nutrients.  Use instead of a toner.
  • Superfood Face Oil – ultra concentrated age defying oil to plump the skin and impart a dewy glow.  Use instead of night cream.
  • Flower Juice Infusive Rich Face Cream – nourishes dry, thirsty skin whilst protecting against moisture loss, and firming for soft, dewy, glowy skin.  Use under SPF products during the day.
  • Vanilla + Honey Moisture Mask – a weekly mask to combat dehydration, roughness, dullness and ageing skin.  Can be left on overnight to infuse for extra hydration.

Also on my must try list:

  • Liquid Tri-Active Clearing Serum – to work with the skin to fight breakouts and balance natural oil flow.  With a perimenopausal mama and a teenager in the house, this is going to come in handy!
  • Facial in a Jar Exfoliating Mask – to resurface the skin with acids and enzymes to reveal brighter, younger looking skin.
  • Bright Eyes Infusive Eye Oil – to restore hydration and reduce puffiness for brighter, plumper, more youthful skin around the eyes.
  • Sun Juice Moisturising SPF 15 – to nourish with superfoods whilst protecting with physical SPF
  • Juice Drops Nuturing Body Oil – to nourish and hydrate the skin and relax the mind with aromatherapy scents
  • Tough Buff Foot Serum – leave feet soft and smooth with AHA exfoliating serum for summer tootsies
  • Berry Buff Body Scrub – skin smoothing body scrub for glowing healthy skin
  • Juice-To-Go Travel Pack – because I love cutesy deluxe minis, especially when they’re refillable, and I’ve got a couple of holidays in the planner!
  • Nod Off Essential Oil Blend – to calm the mind and body and sleep peacefully

Oh, who am I kidding? All the Skin Juice products sound absolutely delicious and I need them all!

Kimba Likes Skin Juice Gift Bar | Christmas Gift Ideas

If you need to buy a beautiful gift for someone in your life, check out Skin Juice Gift Bar.

Skin Juice Gift Bar ideas

  • redness relief products for sensitive skinned souls
  • pregnancy products for those who are up the duff and haven’t just eaten all the plum duff
  • essential hand and nail products
  • create your own travel kit for someone special
  • pop all the supplements together for someone who loves their basic skin care regimen but needs a boost
  • choose one of the delicious scents like Berry sweet or Lemon fresh
  • perfect for corporate gifting, or personalised gifting for someone you love
  • a great gift for teens and both men and women, young and not-so-young

click here to visit the Skin Juice Gift Bar

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