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This sponsored post is brought to you by Target – and my huge smile!  I am thrilled to be an Official Target Blogger, sharing some of my favourite finds with you and bringing you the latest and greatest in Target news.


Drew Ankle Boot $55 | Faux Leather | Real Style


OK, it may not come as a huge surprise that with my shopping voucher clutched tightly in my hands, I headed straight to the Target Footwear department.  I adore shoes!  It’s all about shoes!  I happily spent some time browsing all the fabulous boots, flats, ankle boots and wedges – there are some really pretty spring designs in store, in all colours of the rainbow.  Neutral nudes with colour pops.  Funky wedge sandals.  Embellished ballet flats.  Edgy ankle boots.

If you’ve been following me this winter on Instagram, you will have seen my Target Alton Stud boots pop up with monotonous regularity.  I have to confess to usually being a leather snob – I prefer to buy leather boots and bags – but I took a chance on some “vegan” boots (that’s Kimba for faux leather) from Target at the beginning of winter and they’ve been FABULOUS!  The quality for the price?  Amazing!

When I saw these bang on trend Hot Options Drew Ankle Boots, I was sold!  The quality is equally fabulous and they pack a lot of style for very little cash.

I love the matte finish on these fab faux leather boots. The edgy cutout ankle detail is a great way to add some colour to your outfit – I’ve been wearing mine with brightly coloured opaque tights or patterned socks playing peekaboo. The low heel is really walkable and comfortable – we all know how important that is!
I’ve been wearing these with jeans and leather trimmed ponte leggings to amp up the moto style of these boots. But as we head into the warmer weather, I just know how fab they will be with maxi skirts, floaty tea dresses and pretty striped minis.  A fab way to add some tough pretty for a fashion forward look!  At $55, they’re a bargain and absolutely had to come home with me.


Cheese Platter $20 | Set of 4 Cheese Plates $20 | Adorable Cheese Label designs


Whilst I was extremely tempted to grab myself another pair of shoes, I decided to style up our family home decor with the help of some fabulous Target homewares.

I checked out the fabulous Egyptian cotton towels and sheets, decided against appliances (small matter of a teensy kitchen – but  how cool is this amazing bench mixer for $60! I’m sure I could squeeze it in somewhere!).  In the end, I decided to get some fabulous home decor pieces to add some fun to our dining table and some style to our lounge room.

I simply couldn’t resist this awesome 30cm cheese platter, printed to look like a gourmet cheese label.  How gorgeous is it?  It will make a fabulous cheese platter one day, but for now, it is working perfectly on my dining room table as a tea tray.  Love a bit of quirky in my home decor!  I bought the 30cm platter, but they also come in a set of four smaller plates, each with a gourmet “cheese label” design.  Still can’t believe they are only $20!


Paris Lampshade $15 | Vintage Glamour


Next up, a spot of Parisian chic for our lounge room.  Instant vintage glamour for $15 with this fabulous Paris lampshade.  A great way to update an old lamp that I’ve had since, ooh, 1995.  The very pretty retro design works back well with our modern sofa and bright cushions, and equally well with our vintage tea trolley (handmade by my Great Grandfather for my mother as a child).  The designs are printed on a linen-look neutral base, which throws a lovely diffused light into the room.  Not quite as much fun as a trip to Paris, but it’s about as close as I’m going to get in the near future!


Hoot Stoneware Bowl $8 | also available in smaller version $6


How cute is this adorable stoneware bowl?  A total hoot, don’t you think?  Yes, that was a dad joke, and not even a very good one.  Right, back to the gorgeousness that is my new owl bowl.  Until I’ve requisitioned it to hold jewellery or lipgloss or hairclips in my bedroom, it’s working beautifully as a mini fruit bowl.  Keeping the limes separate from the bananas has significantly increased the bananas’ lifespan – that is until Boyo gets hungry, of course.  Only $8 and it has a mini sized friend which is only $6.  Just too cute!  Owls are very popular for home fashions – they’re having their fashion moment.  Wise move.  Oh, another dad joke!

Unfortunately, between me buying it a week before I posted about it, it has sold out online, but there are still lots of them in store, if you also need one!  I also found you this adorable pink ceramic Owl money box – would be a very wise way to save shoe money!


Heart Shaped China Plate $6 | love it


I’ve given my heart to this darling little plate – boom tish, another dad joke!  Only $6 and absolutely adorable.  Unfortunately, it has also been extremely popular online but pssst, I found you this darling little Heart Shape Fruit Bowl in shabby chic white wire – and it’s only $9!

If you’re going to eat anyway, you might as well do it from this gorgeous heart shaped plate and add a little extra happiness to your day.  My Belle Fleur birthday chocolates are doing an amazing modelling job here, I think.  Let’s face it, you don’t need a heart shaped plate – no one really does – but imagine breakfast in bed served on a heart shaped plate.  A sneaky afternoon treat in the sunshine of the back garden served on a heart shaped plate.  Even bland diet food would taste ambrosial served on this plate.  Wouldn’t it?  Well, it would certainly make you feel better and that’s half the battle won!


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Gok Loves | We Love Gok!
Another part of the fabulous rebooting of our Australian icon Target is Mr Gok Wan.  Do you love him as much as I do?  Such a sweetie, very stylish and bitingly funny!  The man knows his stuff too.  Like me, he is a big champion of the waist.  I don’t have one, but I know how to fake one.  It’s a fashion magic trick!  Click here to see what Gok Loves.  It’s like he’s reading my mind – 50s inspired designs, celebrating the waist and colour pop accessories!


Can’t wait to bring you my picks next month, not to mention my tips and tricks on how to incorporate Target style into your lifestyle!


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