Sportscraft at MBFF Sydney



I won a double pass to the inaugural Sportscraft runway show at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival. Lucky lucky me!



My BFF and I managed to squeeze the lunchtime showing around the annual school Book Week Parade, a fashion parade of quite another calibre entirely, a spot of grocery shopping, some girlie shopping and the school run.  As you do.

For the first fashion parade of the day, I watched this little guy walk down Darling Street dressed as the Pokemon Zubat.  I note there were no MBFF Sydney outfits using a recycled umbrella.    This could be next year’s key look.  You heard it here first.



Our chauffeur inexplicably failed to show, so we got the next best thing, a bus.  Hey, at least we had a driver!



We made it to the Town Hall, an absolutely gorgeous venue.  Just look at it!





We weren’t front row for Sportscraft at MBFF Sydney (can’t complain about the free tickets!) but were seated at the end of the runway, a couple of rows back.  It was a great vantage point, as we were able to see the models walk towards us as well as their end of runway pose.  All the models are universally tall and thin, but it was great to see the behind-the-scenes fashion folk were of all shapes and sizes, and all fabulously dressed.


The runway pre-show – absolutely packed!


Finally, the show started, and here come the crap blurry photos because I forgot to bring my lovely new camera.



Being Sportscraft, it was classic item after classic item.   Nothing particularly fashion forward, but that’s not what you buy Sportscraft for.  You go there for beautiful classic pieces to work back with your fun seasonal pieces.



This skirt was a standout for me.  There was lots of colour, some fab patterns, including a particularly lovely short sleeved summer dress with a black print.  The strawberry pants for blokes were fab, although I doubt the Welshman will be sporting them this season.  One of the blokes could have been a stand in for R Patz.   Not unhappy about that.



Post-show, we visited The Hub, a sponsor’s hall with a bar and a gorgeous Mercedes Benz convertible.  Only about $325K worth.  Note to the Welshman – I think I might have found my Big Four Oh My Gods present, darling!



We popped down to Sportscraft QVB for some free champagne, which was running a bit late.  So we went shopping instead.  As you do.  Show attendees received a $30 gift voucher, which I put to good use, buying this gorgeous classic trench.  My H&M one doesn’t owe me any favours after three years of hard service at about 10 quid a year.  My BFF bought a tee we had just seen in the show.  We cannot tell you how ridiculously fun we found this fact.



This is the first fashion show I’ve attended since I walked as a model circa 1981 for a fundraiser in my Grandma’s church hall.  We enjoyed the show, loved the atmosphere, and I had a great afternoon out with my BFF.   What more could you ask for?



I’d like to thank Sportscraft for the tickets, which I won on a Facebook competition.  I’d like to thank the Welshman for the new trench, which I’m conveniently hoping he’ll forget is supposed to be part of my Xmas present.  I’d like to thank my BFF for a lovely day out.


What was the last fashion show you attended?  Anyone you’d like to thank?



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