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Kimba Likes Spring Fling Style Challenge - 7 days of sharing your style to celebrate Spring! #kimbalikes #SpringFlingPretty in Pink | my style

Kimba Likes Pretty in Pink for #SpringFling style challenge - wearing pink plaid crop from Phosizzle Threads, Boohoo culottes and Camper wedges #kimbalikes #springfling

I teamed this super cute PHO Sizzle Threads pink plaid winter crop with merlot culottes from Boohoo, and coordinating suede wedges by Camper.

PHO Sizzle Threads is an independent Australian fashion label, designed in Melbourne and made in Vietnam.  I love their quirky designs, but what I love more is that they have an ethical working relationship with their production seamstresses, who nominate their own terms and conditions.

Kimba Likes Pretty in Pink for #SpringFling style challenge - wearing pink plaid crop from Phosizzle Threads, Boohoo culottes and Camper wedges #kimbalikes #springfling

I accessorised with my JORD wood watch, pop pink manicure, a mixed metal tough pretty ring stack and double-ended pearl and silver spike earrings.

A little bit TMI here – I’m PMSing like a mofo, retaining water like a camel and none of my clothes fit, plus I’m as sore and swollen as a sore and swollen thing.  I really, really didn’t want to have my photos taken today.

Just quietly, I never regret my painkiller sensitivity as much as as this time of the month.  But there’s good news on the horizon.  In November, I’m having endometriosis surgery and a hysterectomy.  A whole new life is ahead of me!

If I were younger, they’d give me options to manage the condition. If I was older, then they’d manage the condition for the short time period before menopause.  However, as my family is completed and it looks like I’m a good 10 years away from the Big M, this is the best option for me.   Pop the Champagne!

Kimba Likes Pretty in Pink for #SpringFling style challenge - wearing pretty pink makeup from Natural Supply Co

The gorgeous girls at Natural Supply Co are my Spring Fling partners for Pretty in Pink.  Today’s photos featured the prettiest of pink blush, lipstick and nail polish, courtesy of Natural Supply Co.

Kimba Likes Pretty in Pink for #SpringFling style challenge - wearing pretty pink makeup from Natural Supply Co

How I created this Pretty in Pink makeup look

  • Moisturiser, sunblock and primer – leave it to sink in and dry before applying the next layer
  • Apply a light layer of liquid makeup and buff it in with a kabuki brush
  • Apply a light layer of translucent powder and press it into skin with palms of hands
  • Apply under eye concealer routine
  • Apply contouring in stripes where you want to create shadows and buff it in with a flat kabuki
  • Fill in and define brows with brow pencil and spooly brush
  • Apply eyeshadow – a rosy beige matte shadow wash over the lid and applied deeply in the crease, with a pinky beige shimmer shadow on the outer edges, and a pale pink blended over the crease and inner corners, followed with a rose gold pop of colour in the middle of the lid.
  • Liquid liner to define the lashes with a subtle cat’s eye flick.  Start from the outer edge and press along the lashline, then draw the flick going upwards. Complete it by going over the flick going downwards.  Then fill in any little gaps along your lashline with little strokes.  I have long almond shaped eyes, so my flick is three quarters of the way along my lash line, not at the end of my lashes.
  • Curl the lashes and add two coats of mascara
  • Apply a flush of pretty pink blush.  I’m wearing W3ll People Purist Luminous Mineral Blush in Luminous Rose from Natural Supply Co.  I have high but short cheekbones so I keep colour away from my apples and wear it high on my actual cheekbones, angling towards my ears.
  • Apply a little highlighter where you want to reflect light.  For me, this is above my cupid’s bow, on the top of my forehead, right on top of my cheekbones and down the bridge of my nose.
  • Finish the look with a pretty pink lippy.  I’m wearing Bite Beauty Luminous Creme Lipstick in Quinta, a rosy pink.

Kimba Likes Pretty in Pink for #SpringFling style challenge - wearing pretty pink nail lacquer from Natural Supply Co

How much fun is this nail lacquer? It is by cult Australian beauty brand, Kester Black, from Natural Supply Co.  The colour is Dragonfruit.  It is super glossy, highly pigmented and looks fab with just one coat.  I’ve layered two coats here to intensify the colour.

Pretty in Pink | how you rocked it

Kimba Likes Pretty in Pink for #SpringFling style challenge - 5 favourite Pretty in Pink looks #SpringFling #PrettyinPink

Check out five of my favourites from Pretty in Pink

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Meet Natural Supply Co

I discovered Natural Supply Co when they launched last year, and have been a fangirl ever since.  Simply put, if you want naturally derived products for your home, your body, your baby, your pets, your hair and your face, then you need Natural Supply Co!

The baby of three good friends who couldn’t find “natural (yet delightful!) beauty, skincare and lifestyle products“, Natural Supply Co was born in 2014.

The cult brands that they are proud to stock and recommend are all cruelty free, and many of them are homegrown.

Every brand must pass the Natural Supply Co test:

  • the products must harness the power of natural ingredients
  • the products must be cruelty free and only tested on humans
  • The manufacturing and packaging process must be environmentally conscious

Where Natural Supply Co really win girly girls like me over to the natural side is that all of their products really work.  They won’t sacrifice luxury either – and thank the beauty gods for that!  If they don’t love them, they don’t stock them.

I love this keeping it real philosophy!  It rings a bell with me.  I field loads of offers and approaches every day from companies who want access to you, the gorgeous girls who read Kimba Likes.  But if I don’t think you’ll love it, or if it doesn’t offer anything of interest or value to my readers, then I’m not interested.  It has to pass the Kimba Likes test.  Would I buy it again? Would my readers like it?

I’m guessing you can tell that Natural Supply Co passed my test with flying (naturally derived) colours!

Now, check out (just a few) of my favourite brands and products at Natural Supply Co.

Kimba Likes Natural Supply Co - just a few of my favourites!

Have you shopped at Natural Supply Co? Why not? Get on it!

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Natural Supply Co kindly gifted me products for Pretty in Pink

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  • Luc - 5 September 2015 - 7.35 pm

    Well , it sounds like the hysterectomy is the only option now, so I’m glad you are happy to be getting it done!
    But as an aside, don’t under-estimate the surgery itself. Before I had mine at 36, I had endo surgery at least once a year sometimes twice, and I’d had a c’section as well. So I thought I was all over abdominal surgery! But it was really long and slow to recover from, not so much the surgery but the aftermath. Much worse than anything else I’d had done. They keep you well medicated the first week or so, so that was fine for me. But I was awfully tired for a long time after. When they say it takes 6 months to recover, it really does. So while it is good in the long run, it is a rugged time in the interim (god, sorry, I’m not meaning to rain on your news, but I just kinda wish someone had told me!!!) The doctor did say it was worse for me as I had a three year old, so was still at the running-about stage.
    Anyway, bloating or not, you look great here!ReplyCancel

    • Kimba from Kimba Likes - 5 September 2015 - 10.24 pm

      Thank you! I love that we can talk about this stuff because it makes it easier for the next woman who needs the information!
      Yep, I am aware it can be a brutal recovery. Especially as I’m extremely sensitive to NSAIDs and morphine based painkillers.
      But I’d still rather take 6 months of a hard recovery over 10 more years of excroosh pain which gets worse for two weeks of every month.

      Kim-Marie Williams
      fashion stylist | style & beauty blogger
      kimbalikes.com | @kimbalikesReplyCancel

  • Chantelle@notsopeachie - 3 September 2015 - 4.51 pm

    That’s great news about the surgery. I wish you all the best with it xReplyCancel

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