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I’d love to be super tidy all the time – but other things take priority sometimes.  I’m sharing some storage life hacks that make it easier for less tidy members of your family (usually the short ones we call kids), and to make storage space easier to use.

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Storage Life Hacks | Tidy Basket

Designate a basket as your “Tidy Basket”.  Then find a spot to keep it.

  • under the coffee table
  • beside the sofa
  • on the bottom stair
  • in a corner
  • on a bookshelf

There’s a Tidy Basket for every decor.  Choose one that best fits your style

  • country style basket
  • French market basket
  • leather box
  • fabric bag
  • woven cube
  • wire basket
  • industrial box
  • wooden wine crate
  • plastic tub

For all those bits and pieces that take your house from tidy to cluttered, just do a quick swoop around the room and pop them all into the tidy basket.   Especially handy when you have guests on the way.

When you have more time, you can you walk around the house and pop them all away.  It’s a good chore for a kid to take responsibility for.

You can have a Tidy Basket for each family member too.  If you have a family In Station (for mail, To Do lists, calendars, keys, spare change, phones, glasses, school bags, briefcases etc) pop a basket on a shelf for each family member and they can sort out their own mess!

Kimba Likes Tips Tricks and Life Hacks #kimbalikes #lifehacks

Storage Life Hacks | designated drawers

If you want to encourage your kids to put their clothes away, then you need to make it as easy as possible for them!

The best way to do this is to designate a spot for each clothing item.  Make it so easy they can’t get it wrong!

Boyo’s room has a chest of drawers and a mini wardrobe with baskets on each shelf.

  • Socks
  • Undies
  • Swimmers
  • PJ tops
  • PJ bottoms
  • Long sleeve T shirts
  • T shirts
  • Shorts
  • Pants
  • School uniform bottoms
  • School uniform tops
  • Sweatshirts, hoodies, jumpers
  • Plus hanging space for shirts and jackets

If I’m feeling especially nice, I’ll fold his laundry into piles that correspond to each drawer.

I love laundry, but man I hate putting clothes away!

Kimba Likes Tips Tricks and Life Hacks #kimbalikes #lifehacks

Storage Life Hacks | turn shelves into drawers

Make your shelf space work for you by adding baskets that you can pull out to use as drawers.

In Boyo’s wardrobe, we use the wire baskets that you buy from places like IKEA and Howards Storage World.  They’re supposed to go into racks but they work fabulously for wardrobes.

Deep shelves are awesome for storing boxes and luggage and vacuum packed out of season clothes and bedding.  Not so good for things like kids clothes – they’ll grow out of the stuff at the back of the shelf that they just never wear because it can’t be reached easily.

I use deep plastic and wire baskets on the open shelves in my pandry / launtry for storing plasticware, water bottles, spare boxes of tissues and rolls of paper towel.

In my linen cupboard, rectangular laundry baskets work really well as pull out drawers to store all the sheets.

In my walk in wardrobe, I have a variety of boxes and baskets on shelves for storing everything from bras to jeans to knitwear and handbags.

The wire storage baskets work really well under beds too.  You can slide them under the bed to store shoes, and the like, but they can’t be seen.  Use all the space!

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