Style is …

Kimba Likes Three Parsons Maxi Dress

Things I know about style:

Style is knowing that there is a difference between fashion and being fashionable.

Style is not wearing one designer head to toe.  You are not a walking billboard.

Style is the ability to add vintage to your look without appearing to wear a costume.

Style is understanding the basic rules, like leggings are not pants!

Style is having the confidence to know yourself and wear what you look and feel best in.

Style is knowing all the rules – and breaking them!

Style is effortless.  If you have to work at it, you don’t have it.

Style is individual.  Style is not cookie cutter.

Style is how you wear, not what you wear.

Style is passion and élan. You can buy style but then it wears you.

This is what I know about style.  Occasionally I even follow my own rules but mostly I break them.   Now, that’s the epitome of style!

Kimba Likes Wardrobe Wednesday | Lake Macquarie weekend

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