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Kimba Likes Daily Treats | Ta Da ListI want to ask you a question.  Are you on your priority list?  Do you make time for yourself?  Are you on your own Ta Da List?

When I’m talking to groups of women, it is amazing how often the conversation turns to how low down they are on their priority list.  So many things come first. Family.  Work.  Cooking.  Cleaning.  Grocery shopping.  Running the kids to various activities.  Et al …

So many people need so much of your time that often there’s not much time left for you.  Actually, sometimes it may feel like there’s not that much of you left at all!

You might be super lucky like me and have an awesome husband who does the majority of the cooking and is a hands on Dad.  I’m just taking a little moment here – I really don’t know how I’d cope without him.  He’s a rolled gold treasure and I love him to the moon and back.

Whether it all falls on you, whether you have awesome backup, or whether you operate as an equal team,  you still need some time when you’re not Mum or your work title or wife or chauffeur or chef or dog washer … or any of the other million and one things we seem to have on our plates.  A time when you can be just you!

The Kimba Likes Daily Treats project might just be the very thing you need.  I absolutely love the positive energy that is at the heart of the Kimba Likes Daily Treats project.  Even though it is my baby, borne out of a desire to share the love and happiness, I sometimes get too busy and forget about it.  Because I’m too busy.  Oh the irony!

I’m not suggesting you find an hour every day or spend lots of money.  The idea isn’t to put more pressure on yourself.  It’s exactly the opposite.

Kimba Likes Daily Treats | how to play

The Daily Treats project is all about finding just a moment or two.  A moment or two that is All About You!  It’s about taking a moment to do something special for yourself daily.  Snap a picture.  Tag @kimbalikes and #kimbalikesdailytreats and share on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

It doesn’t have to be expensive or fancypants.  It can be if you want to though!  Totes use me as an excuse if you want.  I’m good like that.

Kimba Likes Daily Treats | Ta Da List

Kimba Likes Daily Treats ideas

  • get your nails done – DIY or pro
  • savour your morning coffee in the cafe instead of sucking it down from a takeaway cup
  • enjoy a little “sometimes food” treat
  • schedule a yoga class
  • serve your lunch on your best china – the one you’re saving for a special occasion.  You’re special!
  • pump up the tunes to make a boring job totes awesome
  • sit down with a favourite magazine
  • Nanna nap
  • get up half an hour early and do a quick walk around the block whilst everyone else is still asleep
  • call up a girlfriend for a chat
  • write a letter
  • chocolate.  chocolate.  chocolate.
  • trashy TV – go on, you know you want to!
  • meditate
  • potter in the garden
  • go shopping
  • take a few minutes to scroll through Instagram
  • next time you buy the kids an ice cream, treat yourself to one too!
  • whatever it is that takes your fancy, makes you happy and reminds you that You Are Awesome and worthy of being a priority in your own life

Put yourself on your To Do List.  Actually, scratch that.  Put yourself on your Ta Da List!  Schedule some Me Time in your calendar.  Stop, breathe and smile.

If you don’t take care of yourself, then it is very hard to take care of everyone else.  It’s not selfish to prioritise yourself.  It’s madness not to.

Would you like to join me for Kimba Likes Daily Treats?


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