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Winter Style File style challenge | Part 1

Winter Style File style challenge 2018 It’s that time again!  Winter Style File style challenge time! I love winter style – all those lovely layers, luxe textures and rich warm colours. Check out Part 1 of the Winter Style File style challenge.  I’m sharing lots of tips and tricksread more »

Winter Style File 2017 | my first week outfits

Winter Style File | my first week outfits Let me just tell you that running a style challenge and being sick with a virus is a very bad combination.  Both Sarah from She Writes and I are sick as sick things.  Apologies if you haven’t received a comment on your Winter Style File challengeread more »

Spring Fling Style Challenge | Double Denim

Double Denim | my style Apparently the concept of double denim is really scary – who knew? I thought people would have more of an issue with hairbows, but apparently being matchy matchy wasn’t cool for a lot of people. I’m not super cool with matchy matchy, but I do love theread more »

Spring Fling Style Challenge

I adore winter, I really do.  Hello Winter Luxe!  But it is time to cast off our luxe layers and don the prettiness and light layers that sums up Spring style. With that in mind, I’d like to introduce you to Spring Fling!  It was so much fun last year – did you play along? I’veread more »

How to Wear White Jeans

If we’ve hung out here before, you’ve probably noticed that my sense of style is individual.  I like to wear colour and I celebrate the unusual and quirky.  I’m not afraid of fashion.  Yet there is one thing I just didn’t wear.  White jeans.  I was scared of them. I had toread more »

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