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why you should put yourself on your To Do List

why you should put yourself on your To Do list I’m pretty good at telling other people what to do.  Right now, I’m going to tell you why you should put yourself on your To Do list. As a mother, the first born child, the only daughter, the first grandchild on both sides, a former EA /read more »

Why I overshare

So, I’ve kinda been oversharing a bit on the interwebs lately.  This is apparently a Very Bad Thing.  People want you to keep it real … but not THAT real. I’ve banged on about ovarian cancer symptoms, horrible periods, mental health, PMDD and PMS, body image, endometriosis,read more »

Talking about endometriosis

I was so excited to discover that Lenny Letter 8 is all about endometriosis.  Padma Lakshmi, Lena Dunham and others talking about their experiences. {photo credit} I’m now a month post-hysterectomy and endometriosis removal surgery, and I’m doing my own tiny little bit of talking aboutread more »

Go and see your doctor

A personal note from me today.  My message to anyone who tells me about some symptoms is go and see your doctor.  Go and talk to a professional.  Get a check up. I’d far rather my doctor told me I was a hypochondriac rather than say to me “I wish you’d come to see meread more »

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