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Wearing Retro Cute Polkadot Halter Dress

Kimba Likes Wardrobe Wednesday. Join me for a weekly international style tour. Sharing my gorgeously retro cute polkadot halter neck dress.read more »

SPIN the PIN July

SPIN the PIN with iCurvy is all about ladylike print clashing with a vintage twist.  A definite Kimba Likes vibe to this month’s pick from iCurvy! SPIN the PIN July | ladylike dress The elements I’ve picked up in this spin style is the waisted dress winterised by teaming with a fittedread more »

How to Wear Leather Shorts

Leather is having such a fashion moment.  If your budget doesn’t stretch to real leather, or perhaps you can’t justify an investment spend on what is likely to be a passing trend, then there are fabulous faux leather alternatives available.  You can find faux leather pieces in almostread more »

How to tie a scarf into a hair bow | step by step guide

Clockwise from Top L – pink vintage scarf from Lifeline Vintage Manly | sash from Annelise for Sussan Vintage Robe | Never Too Many Bunnies scarf by Kirbee Lawler, vintage Japanese silk scarf from Vinnies Rozelle   You may have noticed that I am a fan of hair bows, especially when tiedread more »

Floral Crowns | Smash the Fashion Rules

Have you noticed all the pretty floral hair accessories in the shops lately?  Did you think that you are far too old to wear them?  That they’re only designed to be worn by teenagers to music festivals?  I say if you like something, then you should wear it, regardless of rules.read more »

Pyjamas in Public | Smash the Fashion Rules

I keep hearing anecdotally about more and more people appearing in public wearing their pyjamas.  This makes me recoil in horror, as this is one of my steadfast fashion rules.  No Pyjamas in Public! read more »read more »

Frocktober Day 24 | Retro Cute Week

Frocktober Day 24 and my poor old sore back left me in a whimpering mess on the floor. A little Valium, a couple of painkillers, a chiro appointment and some prawn dumplings helped.  A lot. read more »read more »

Frocktober Day 23 | Retro Cute Week

Frocktober Day 23 saw life returning to normal with the departure of our visitor.  We quite like abnormal around here though!  We’re not very keen on abnormal weather patterns causing “perfect” bushfire conditions.  36 degrees with hot, high winds is just simply not on forread more »

Frocktober Day 22 | Retro Cute Week

Frocktober Day 22 and it was the Big Bro’s last day in town.  We’ve given him a fairly comprehensive tiki tour of Sydney, and completed our whistlestop tour with a dash to Darling Harbour for some tacky souvenirs (the best kind!), a quick trip to the Maritime Museum, then aread more »

Frocktober Day 21 | Hairbow Week

Frocktober Day 21 and we spent the day tiki touring the tourist trail, showing the Welshman’s Big Bro the sights and delights of the Eastern Suburbs beaches. read more »read more »

Frocktober Day 19-20 | Hairbow Week

What a lovely weekend for Frocktober Days 19 and 20!  It felt like a little holiday.  The Welshman’s Big Bro, in Australia for a work conference, wangled a couple of extra days to hang out with us in Sydney.  He has never been to Australia before (despite travelling pretty much everywhereread more »

Frocktober Day 18 | Hairbow Week

Great excitement on Frocktober Day 18 as the Welshman’s Big Bro, in Australia for a work conference, arrived for a long weekend.  A momentous occasion indeed! read more »read more »

Frocktober Day 17 | Hairbow Week

Frocktober Day 17 was a two-frock day.  Sadly, it was also the day the Sydney skies had their very own Instagram filter courtesy of incredibly strong winds and out of control bushfires.  At the time of writing, there are more than 100, of which 36 are out of control, countless lost homesread more »

Frocktober Day 16 | Hairbow Week

Frocktober Day 16 and I’m rocking on with my frock on.  Today I’m also flying the flag for handmade Australian design companies. read more »read more »

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