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Friday Faves | 2 March

Friday Faves | 2 March Friday Faves | Autumn Style File Just like that, it’s already March! Autumn Style File has commenced and I’m overwhelmed by all the beauteous and stylish babes who have shared their style.  Definitely makes my Friday Faves list! Friday Faves | Burgerhoodread more »

New Year Same Me

New year same me my New Year Resolution – this one’s easy! Yeah, yeah I know it’s February and a bit late for New Year Resolutions.  You know, the ones that are all about new year new you.  Green juices, dawn yoga, no sugar, meditation … for about two weeks until it allread more »

why you should put yourself on your To Do List

why you should put yourself on your To Do list I’m pretty good at telling other people what to do.  Right now, I’m going to tell you why you should put yourself on your To Do list. As a mother, the first born child, the only daughter, the first grandchild on both sides, a former EA /read more »

Lovebomb Theory | dealing with chronic illness

I’m talking about dealing with chronic illness today – and my Lovebomb Theory. Firstly, I’m dealing with my health issues.  I’m not comfortable with being a sufferer – I’m a fighter.  I was recently introduced to the term “Endo Warrior”.  Not lettingread more »

Green Island Resort

Last week, I shared the Port Douglas leg of our tropical Far North Queensland holiday.  This week, it’s all about Green Island, and our stay in the gorgeous Green Island Resort. Unfortunately, my stay wasn’t quite as adventurous as planned, due to a hideous bout of sinusitis.  However,read more »

Latte Love

I do not have a day go past where I don’t drink at least two cafe lattes.  Usually three or four.  Penny Lane in Darling Street, Rozelle make me a daily decaf latte, and I buy my beans from them too. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll see my daily tribute to my latte love.  My Kimbaread more »

The importance of a girly catchup

I just love this quote I found on Sonia Styling’s Instagram account.  Your vibe attracts your tribe. What you put out there is what comes back to you, in other words. The lovely Sonia from Sonia Styling is definitely part of my tribe, so I must be doing something right in my life. Recently,read more »

Kimba Likes Daily Treats

Are you on board with me for Kimba Likes Daily Treats? I’ve teamed up with the lovely ladies at Champagne Cartel and their Champagne Moments project, because we’re on the same page. We all believe that we need to take a moment every day and celebrate the little things. Put yourselfread more »

The Best of Me Movie Review

Have you been sharing your Kimba Likes Daily Treats on socialite media with me?  It’s easy peasy lemon squeezy.  Just find a few minutes every day to do something nice for yourself.  As simple as a homemade latte drunk whilst still hot.  As elaborate as a fancy pants new hairdryer!  Theyread more »

How to make the perfect coffee

Kimba Likes Daily Treats Champagne Moments – notice a recurring theme? If you’ve been hanging out with me on Instagram, you would have noticed a recurring theme.  Lots and lots of latte love.  Many photographs of gorgeous me time moments for Kimba Likes Daily Treats and Champagneread more »

Kimba Likes Daily Treats | Champagne Moments

Have you been playing along with Kimba Likes Daily Treats?  It’s all about taking a few moments every day to celebrate how awesome you are! Treat yourself to a little bit of me time.  A new lipstick.  A walk in the sunshine. Time to smell the flowers.  A glass of wine.  A cuddle with someoneread more »

Kimba Likes Daily Treats | Ta Da List

I want to ask you a question.  Are you on your priority list?  Do you make time for yourself?  Are you on your own Ta Da List? When I’m talking to groups of women, it is amazing how often the conversation turns to how low down they are on their priority list.  So many things come first.read more »

Guilt Free Chocolate Fix | sponsored by Jarrah Hot Chocolate

Brought to you by Nuffnang and Jarrah Hot Chocolate Hello, my name is Kim-Marie and I’m addicted to chocolate.  Oh, I love chocolate!  It’s rich and smooth and sweet.  Actually, that sounds like the perfect man as well as a delicious treat, don’t you think? As a self confessedread more »

Why I Love Mondays

I am one of those really weird people who like Mondays.  I really do.  I love Mondays, in fact.  After a busy weekend of family fun, Monday is my day.  The Welshman goes to work, Boyo goes to school, I get caffeinated on the school run and get my head down, bum up.   My Ta Da List gets a jollyread more »

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