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Frocktober Day 8 | Verily Week

Frocktober Day 8 and it’s the first day of my next Frocktober-themed week.  Introducing Verily Week, where I’m going to showcase some of my favourite frocks from one of my favourite Australian designers. read more »read more »

Frocktober Day 7 | Maxi Dress Week

What a funny old day  Frocktober Day 7 was.  I somehow managed a sleep in.  It seems very odd but there is something deeply unsatisfying about a surprise sleep in, don’t you think?  It’s like you didn’t know you were having a sleep in so you can’t fully enjoy it.  What aread more »

Frocktober Day 6 | Maxi Dress Week

Ah, daylight saving time.  How I love thee.  The good thing about having jetlag the week before the clocks spring forward an hour is that we’ve already put ourselves on DST.  Today, I woke around 6am instead of my usual 5am.  What a treat!  Frocktober Day 6 was a gorgeous family fun dayread more »

Frocktober Day 5 | Maxi Dress Week

Frocktober Day 5 involved a fabulous family day out, with a trip to the harbourside to view the Naval Fleet Review, with helicopter and plane flybys.  Including somewhat of a circular walk all the way to Circular Quay where we discovered all access to the Royal Botanic Gardens was blockedread more »

Frocktober Day 4 | Maxi Dress Week

Day 4 of Frocktober was, well, let’s be honest here.  Be cruel to be kind?  It was a Hot Mess.  All I needed was the  Taj-Mahal diamond, violet eyes and a painkiller addiction and I could have been La Liz Taylor on a bad day mid 70s.  Dame Elizabeth received the Taj-Mahal diamond fromread more »

Frocktober Day 3 | Maxi Dress Week

Day 3 of Frocktober and my planned floaty summer frock got discarded in favour of my Seed Heritage tube maxi dress aka the infamous “condom dress“, when the weather took a decidedly chilly turn.  Still rocking on with my frock on to raise money for the OCRF’s mostread more »

Frocktober Day 2 | Maxi Dress Week

Day 2 of Frocktober and I’m loving my Frock Up excuse.  The opportunity to wear frocks to raise money for a cause very dear to my heart cannot be beaten. read more »read more »

Frocktober Day 1 | Maxi Dress Week

I just simply adore Frocktober – any excuse to wear frocks, of course.  The opportunity to wear frocks to raise money for a cause very dear to my heart makes it even sweeter.  Much more fun than Ocsober too, don’t you think? read more »read more »

Frocktober | Team Kimba Likes

I simply adore a frock … or three.  For the month of October, I’m going to rock a lot of frocks.  31 frocks in fact.  All in the name of fundraising for OCRF, the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation. read more »read more »

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