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School Holiday Activities of Awesomeness | Archery Lessons

You may have noticed that it is school holidays by the abundance of children floating around  your house with constant demands for food and the refrain of “I’m booooored”. read more »read more »

Friday Frivolity

Oh no!  The July school holidays are nearly over.  Back to school on Tuesday.  I’m going to miss my little dude with ‘tude.  Spunkiness of attitude, rather than ‘tude of rude.  He’s a charmer, this one.  Well, a charmer with an addiction to fart and poo jokes, thatread more »

Monsters University | Movie Review

Monsters Inc is one of my favourite Pixar animated movies.  It is an imaginative take on an old fashioned buddy movie with loveable characters and groundbreaking animation for its time. read more »read more »

Despicable Me 2 | Movie Review

We are huge fans of Despicable Me in the  Kimba Likes household.  I think it might just be my favourite animated movie … and believe me, I’ve seen them all.  So as soon as we heard Despicable Me 2 was in the works, we’ve been in a lather of anticipation for the June schoolread more »

Friday Frivolity | Boyo Style

A super duper special Friday Frivolity today!  Not only is a Friday with a weekend stretching before us like a sailor’s siren reclining upon a rocky islet, it is the last Friday of Term 2 of the school year.  Yup, school hols!  Or school holidays for those who prefer a lessread more »

Epic in 3D : Movie Review

  We were invited by Digital Parents Collective and The Natural Cordial Company to attend a preview screening of Epic in 3D.  It turned out to be a gloomy rainy Sunday – the perfect day for a family outing to the movies!  Walking the red carpet was kinda fun too. continueread more »

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