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A weekend at home

I had the loveliest weekend.  A weekend at home.  Just so relaxing yet oh so busy all at the same time.  I didn’t leave the house once.  Yet I’m perfectly OK with that. Are you one of those people who feel like time at home is wasted time? Do you love to go out and explore andread more »

What I Wore | Catwoman or Cat Lady?

I was having a chat with the Welshman last night.  Post Boyo bedtime routine (thank goodness he’s caught the “reading bug” so our bedtime reading routine involves us reading together – from separate books!), we were chatting in the kitchen, food styling dinner and talkingread more »

Cheaty McCheat Garlic Free Nachos

Hands up who loves Mexican food?  What if you love spicy garlic-laden food like Mexican but you’re allergic to garlic?  I’ve met about two other people in my entire life who are allergic to garlic, but perhaps you’re conscious of your breath or maybe you’re aread more »

Friday Frivolity | Boyo Style | Minecraft

Friday Frivolity time again and yea verily, we are amping up the frivolity this weekend!  It is Mama and Boyo time.  As Boyo says, it is Party! Party! Party!  He is apparently under the misconception that I’m a softer touch than his Dad, perhaps.  I am probably am, come to think of it. readread more »

Friday Frivolity : Bunny Style

  Update: Oh happy happy day!  The sun is shining, the birds are singing and flights of angels are trilling in unison!  Bolt Bunny aka Monsieur Lapin aka Princess Fluffybum, the bunny rabbit who is world famous in the Inner West, has made a miraculous recovery! Bolt was atread more »

Friday Frivolity : Boyo Style

  Oh goodie goodie gumdrops!  Not only is it Friday, Friday, Friday, but it’s a long weekend too!  Yippeeee! read more »read more »

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