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Kimba Likes Life Hacks | cleaning with baking soda for pets

Kimba Likes Life Hacks | cleaning with baking soda for pets Oh I love a good life hack!  It’s all about making life easier.  I’m sharing some baking soda tips that will save you money and save the earth too. Good old baking soda, aka bicarbonate soda, is a super duper useful productread more »

Makeup Brush Cleaning Life Hacks

I’ve been doing some more life hack trials. I do love a good life hack to make life easier.  This week, it’s all about makeup brush cleaning life hacks.  We spend good money on those babies – it’s beautyonomics to keep them in tip top condition! Makeup Brush Cleaning Liferead more »

Storage Life Hacks

I’d love to be super tidy all the time – but other things take priority sometimes.  I’m sharing some storage life hacks that make it easier for less tidy members of your family (usually the short ones we call kids), and to make storage space easier to use. Storage Life Hacks |read more »

Denim Life Hacks

The most ubiquitous clothing item – worn by everyone from babies to grannies – has to be a pair of denim jeans. I guarantee everyone has denim in their wardrobe.  I have everything from jeans to dresses and everything in between, including hair accessories, bags and shoes. I’mread more »

Bra Life Hacks

Ah, the good old bra.  I’ve been wearing once since 1986, aged 13.  That is nearly 30 years! I was the second to last girl in Form 2 to get a bra. The other girl was going shopping in the weekend with her mother. I took myself late night shopping on the Thursday, armed with a signed chequeread more »

Laundry Life Hacks for Sheets

I’m rather fond of laundry. I love the process from chaos to sweetly scented clean clothes.  But I’m afraid sheets are my bete noire. We didn’t use our dryer for so many years that when the relentless wet weather forced me to use it, I discovered it had given up the ghost.  Nowread more »

Cute Car Life Hacks

I’m still totes in love with my new car, the Kimbamobile.  My cute car deserves only the cutest accessories.  I’m sharing my top three cute car life hacks so you can keep your super cute car looking super cute! Cute Car Life Hacks | keyring My new car needed a new keyring – obvs.read more »

Netflix Life Hacks

Love your Netflix? Me too!  Here are a few Netflix Life Hacks that will make you love your Netflix even more! Netflix Life Hacks | international travel Don’t forget to pack your Netflix device when you travel.  Hook up to local wifi or buy a local SIM, and you’ll have something toread more »

Beach Life Hacks

All this gorgeous warm weather has got me thinking of the beach!  I’m sharing three easy peasy lemon squeezy life hacks for the beach.  I’d love the beach a whole lot more if there was a lot less sand! Beach Life Hacks | comfy sand seat Dig a hole in the sand, cover in a towel or beachread more »

Healthy Snack Life Hacks

I’m really finding life so much better now that I’ve changed my diet, and am gluten free, dairy free, caffeine free and as refined sugar-free as possible.  I’m only human after all! I’m sharing three easy peasy lemon squeezy healthy snack life hacks. Healthy Snack Liferead more »

Beauty Life Hacks for nails

Do you love prettily painted nails but loathe the messy clean ups? Unless you’re ambidextrous, almost everyone has issues with painting their other hand. Painting your nails yourself sometimes looks more like finger painting – by an enthusiastic toddler. These beauty life hacks willread more »

Nutella and peanut butter life hacks

Are you a fan of Nutella? Prefer peanut butter? Or perhaps you like both? I’m sharing some tips, tricks and life hacks this week.  All about Nutella and peanut butter life hacks that will change your life. Tips, Tricks and Life Hacks | Nutella Ice Cream Just whiz up some frozen bananas and aread more »

Makeup Tips for Loose Powder

More tips, tricks and life hacks? OK, then.  Let’s go!  All about makeup tips for loose powder this week, and in order, if you please! I didn’t wear powder makeup for years, as I was worried about making my skin look older.  Doh!  As I’ve aged, makeup technology has improved, andread more »

Three Awesome Skincare Tips and Tricks

Yay! Time for more tips, tricks and life hacks.  All about skincare tips and tricks to make being beautiful a little easier. Thursday Tips, Tricks and Life Hacks | nudie rudie Apply your skincare when you’re a nudie rudie.  Trust me on this one.  I’ve looked after my facial skin overread more »

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