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Taking Stock January 2014


I’m jumping on the Taking Stock bandwagon, joining some gorgeous girls like Nikki from Styling You, Vanessa from Style and Shenanigans, Sonia from Sonia Styling, and the original inspiration, Pip from Meet Me At Mike’s.

It’s part of sharing the Kimba Likes take on the world – so expect a bit of Family, Fashion and Frivolity.

I’m still not quite sure how it is February already, but life around here has resumed a more usual state of affairs now that school has returned.  I’m really missing the company of my number one little dude, Boyo, but I have to admit to relishing quite a bit of time in which I can Get Things Done.

Let’s jump back in time and zoom through January!


Taking Stock | January 2014

Making | a healthy start breakfast featuring microwaved frozen blueberries, combined with creamy Barambah organic yoghurt, gluten free Freedom Foods Maple Crunch cereal and a spoonful of coconut.


The 52 Project


Cooking | I’m more of a food stylist than a cook, but I’m delighting in watching Boyo’s tastes develop, helped along considerably by his desire to create in the kitchen.

Drinking | my very own Kimba mocktail, featuring Bionade.


Mindful Living Bionade


Reading | my Kindle.  I’m alternating between modern literature like the latest Colleen McCullough to zombie apocalypse fiction by upcoming writers purchased for a song.

Wanting | to increase my strength and health by exercising without injuring myself again.  It’s a vicious circle.


Taking Stock January 2014


Looking | after Mr Bunsy, my geriatric dwarf bunny, with baths required every 2-3 days, daily antibiotics and anti-inflammatories, whizzed up food, twice daily hutch cleanings and hoping that he’s enjoying his twilight years.

Playing | endless games of Man Bites Dog, an awesome word game to create hilarious newspaper headlines.  First one to 500 points  wins.  Love how Boyo is increasing his maths and vocabulary skills without even realising.


The 52 Project


Deciding | whether to have our daily holiday treat in the morning, the afternoon or the evening.

Wishing | the Welshman wasn’t working through the Christmas holidays


Taking Stock


Enjoying | family time in the summer sun and playing with all the new Christmas toys

Waiting | for the return of life as normal when school returns.  Hey, normal is as normal does.

Liking | the extra Mama Boyo time


Taking Stock


Wondering | how and when exactly my baby got to be as tall as my mouth with size 6.5 man sized feet.

Loving | the sense of community engendered by my social media addiction.  Thanks to each and every one of you for every Like, share, comment!

Pondering | genetics as I see my Dad’s eyes beaming out of my son’s face as he laughs with his Grandpa


Taking Stock


Considering | the future family holidays we have booked.  We have plans up until Easter 2015.  I know right.

Watching | The Shield and Deadwood DVD boxsets on the mini DVD with headphones – not Boyo suitable.  Scooby Doo movie marathons.  Horrible Histories.  The clouds move in the sky.  My little boy growing literally before my eyes.

Hoping | Mr Bunsy isn’t in pain.  Bunnies don’t let you know this the same way that cats and dogs do.


Stock Taking


Marvelling | at my very clever husband and the amazing things he does

Needing | my Lash Lift and Signature Brow Shape from the gorgeous Marli at HoneyTusk Eyebrow Studio


taking stock january 2014


Smelling | my frangipani, gardenia and jasmine flowers, along with the deliciously yummy scent of my curry and basil plants

Wearing | silk frocks, boyfriend cutoffs, printed pants


taking stock printed pants


Following | lots of gorgeousness on Instagram.  You can find me there as @kimbalikes.  Let me know if you’re on Instagram too as I always love viewing other peoples’ worlds through an Instagram filter.

Noticing | that I seem to have acquired a tan this year and then noticing how pale I am next to my friends who do actually acquire tans!


taking stock


Knowing | that taking Boyo to Christchurch to visit my family, even with all the dramas that often ensue, is totally worth it to make sure those relationship bonds are strengthened.

Thinking | probably too much.  Sometimes not enough.  Thinking I might never get the balance right.  Thinking that thinking about thinking is probably too much thinking.


taking stock


Feeling | incredibly loved by my Blokefolk, not to mention confident and happy and that 2014 is on track to be awesome

Admiring | the strength of my parents as they both cope with different adverse situations in very different ways

Sorting | through my stock to get Kimba Likes Boutique up and running in February


Boxing Day Sales Online taking stock

Buying | not very much at all.  I set myself a post Christmas sale budget and stuck to it!

Getting | to know my fabulous new sister in law.  Outlaw, really, but I’ll claim her because she’s not only a gorgeous person inside and out but she has made my brother very happy.  Plus Boyo adores her and that’s good enough for me.


Taking Stock


Bookmarking | lots of how to posts from fabulous bloggers

Disliking | being so far away from family.  New Zealand isn’t that far away in the grand scheme of things but the UK is about $10, 000 and a whole day away.

Opening | filing, responding and deleting email as part of a set routine.  That stuff breeds, dude!


taking stock


Giggling | every single day!


Taking Stock | Join in the fun!

Want to join in the fun? Go on, it really, truly is fun!  Just copy this list and create a list and blog post of your very own.  Hook me up in my comments as I’d love to see how your first month of 2014 left you!



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