Homeward Bound


Canterbury Kiwi foil print tee

Canterbury Kiwi foil print tee

This week, I’m homeward bound. I’m thankful for the opportunity to say hello before I have to say goodbye, when I visit my family in New Zealand.  I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to sharing some time and space with my Grandies, my Dad, my brothers and my nieces.  I am so looking forward to seeing Boyo hanging out with two of his favourite dudes – his Unka Munka and Grandpa.

I cannot wait to fill my puku with some proper Kiwi fish and chips, Cookie Time chocolate chip biscuits, Watties tomato sauce and L&P, which will be available in every shop fridge.  Sydney is stuffed full of glamorous patisseries but nothing beats a good old fashioned bakery like the Darfield Bakery with raspberry buns, lollycake, filled salad rolls and other Kiwiana delights.

My Dad lives nearly an hour out of Christchurch, in a little village where my Great Grandparents once had a holiday house.  He has free ranging chickens, a duckpond, an orchard of fruit and nut trees and a quaint little one bedroom cottage.  One of my bros is coming to stay for the weekend with us.  It is going to be squishy squashy but it’s close to camping as I get!

Kiwi Ferns Bro

No one has expressed any interest in sharing a bed with the human starfish known as Boyo – he seriously is the worst person to share a bed with – so I think we’re going to pack our sleeping bags for the trip.  I’ve baggsed the sofa, Dad can have his own bed as a special treat, Boyo has the spare mattress and my bro is squeezing his camping mattress and his sleeping bag into my little hire car.  We’ll be packed in like sardines, and I can’t think of anything lovelier.  For a weekend anyway.  On Monday night, I’ll be luxuriating in my huge king sized bed!

Another thing that will make it feel like camping is that there is no mobile phone access at my Dad’s house and I think he has dial up.  If he can remember the password, that is.  I’m going to go social media free this weekend.  I know!  I’m terrified of an accidentally enormous global roaming bill, so I’m going old school and switching off the 3G.  I believe I may be communicating via carrier pigeons or perhaps even smoke signals.  Hold me!

I’ll miss the Welshman dreadfully, but as the poor boy will be working pretty much all weekend on a major project, he’s quietly relieved he doesn’t have to worry about us for the weekend.  We’ll bring him home some Canterbury Draught, and that’ll cheer him up.

Taking Stock

It’s going to be a flying visit but we’re going to pack a lot into it.  Lots of company, lots of food, lots of love. Homeward bound for an unexpectedly homesick me.


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