Thankful Thursday : I love my life


I love my life. I really do. I appreciate how lucky I am to not want for anything.  Lucky to have a warm and safe place to live.  Lucky to be loved and to love, and to live my life in health and happiness.  Lucky to have the Welshman and Boyo and our family and my Gorgeous Girls.  Lucky to have a voice which is listened to and heard.

OK, so the health part has been a challenge over the years, but I’m still here and it’s non-life threatening.  How lucky is that?


We live walking distance from Boyo’s school, which is conveniently located near the express bus stop to the city.

My working hours enable me to be a school run mum, and work in an interesting office four days a week, with a three day weekend. In the school holidays, I switch my four short days to two long days. How lucky is that?



We live close to local parks, cycle paths and water, and weekends are all about family. How lucky is that?



I get to hang out with this little dude every day. He is a happy little Vegemite with a great little circle of mates and, despite the poo and fart jokes, I feel that my campaign of raising a gentleman has been successful so far.  One day, he will even remember to flush the loo every time.  I am blessed with being Boyo’s mama.  How lucky is that?



When things aren’t quite as fabulous, I’ve got enough pocket money to buy myself a little cheer-up treat, like this cute Topshop necklace.  How lucky is that?



I am not a fabulous cook (well, I’m not that bad, just out of practice) but I am an excellent food stylist.  No matter what I cook (unless it has too many vegetables), Boyo declares it the best ever.  How lucky is that?

The reason I’m out of practice?  The Welshman is our awesome personal chef who regularly serves gourmet meals.  Best of all, he’s a thinker and a planner, so there are always leftovers in our fridge for me to “food style” the following day.  How lucky is that?



Check out these yummy blueberry chocolate cupcakes that I whipped up in five minutes for an after school Homework Club treat.  Having a friend over for a play and an hour’s homework on Mondays is the one of the best ideas we’ve had recently.  Calling it Homework Club and providing treats adds to the excitement.  Kids who want to do their homework?  How lucky is that?


(c) Daniel Linnet


After 13 years together, and 10 years of marital bliss, he still loves me.  La la loves me.  I love him back just as hard.  How lucky is that?


Thankful Thursday

This Thankful Thursday, I’m thankful for being able to say “I love my life”.  How lucky is that?



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