Thankful Thursday : Loving School Holidays

I’m not one of those mothers who are desperate for the school holidays to be over.  In fact, I positively relish them!  I am lucky enough to work in a job where I can switch my usual four short days to two long days in the school holidays, whilst Boyo enjoys himself at truly excellent vacation care.


Mama-Boyo Day Breakfast of Champions!

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On the non-working days, we have a ball.  We catch up with friends, go out for lunch, watch movies at the cinemas and DVDs at home, have Wii tournaments, potter around in the garden, and go on little adventures.  There is something about a relaxed school holiday day that even makes running errands fun.  We’ve taken Bolt to the vet for his seasonal Bunny Brazilian, sent all the Xmas presents and birthday presents to the UK and gone shopping for some fun outdoor furniture from IKEA.  Is it just me, or does even the supermarket shopping seem more fun, when it’s not in a desperate rush after the school run?


Thank goodness we got our park fill on the long holiday weekend!  I’m not a fan of the park.


Boyo is also at that charming 8 year old stage, where they are great company – full of laughter and funny, and really great to have a chat with.  I hear the next stage isn’t quite so pleasant, so just indulge me a little whilst I rhapsodise about what a top bloke my little chap is.  He does tend to bang on a bit about Pokemon though.

Today, Boyo had a requirement to have a PJ day and I had a requirement to not have a PJ day, so we compromised by lazing in our PJs until about 10 am.  This is a long time when you’re all out of bed by 6.30 am!   We then headed off to the Post Office to send off all the UK Xmas presents and birthday presents until January.  Our family seems to have birthdays in batches – very convenient.

I missed the seamail deadline, so it cost me a little bit more than I had planned.  I was incredibly organised and had 99.9% of the presents ready on time (like JULY!) but unfortunately, I dilly dallied and shilly shallied and, um, forgot to actually get them to the Post Office before 21 September.  Good tip that, and I highly recommend it, but for the love of shoes, don’t miss the boat.  Quite literally in this case, I guess.



Next, I decided to satisfy my craving for Pad Thai and introduce Boyo to a few new foods at the same time.  This is a downfall of 8 year old boys, I have to say.  Fussier than 2 year olds!  I ordered him chicken satay (a big hit once I’d scraped the “yukky” peanut sauce off, a bowl of rice, spring rolls and rice paper rolls.  Unfortunately, the spring rolls were a little different than usual and were not a hit.  The rice paper rolls were a big hit – until he struck “green stuff”.  But Boyo’s favourite lunchtime selection, apart from the sneaky treat school holiday soda?  My Pad Thai!  Absolutely loved it.  He also wolfed down the tofu I forgot to request not be added to my meal.  Note to self.



We popped out to IKEA Homebush – Tempe may well be closer but the Welshman works at Rhodes – to check out their new outdoor furniture range.  Boyo took the task of test driving the furniture very seriously, as you can see.  We bought two fabulous bright yellow plastic loungers and some gorgeous cushions – change from $100.  Not bad at all!



The Welshman barely had time to scratch himself today, but we managed to tee up a surprise visit as he dashed between meetings.  He gave the okay to a small boxing glove on a stick (WHY?) which Boyo had set his heart on at Typo, and then promptly set off for his next meeting.

Boyo and I then spent a luxurious afternoon pottering around the house and lounging in our bright yellow chairs.  Bolt Bunny greatly enjoyed his new bunny tunnels and spent at least an hour running in and out, bless his little fluffy tail.



What a top day!  We accomplished, let’s be fair, very little, but had such a great day together.  A Mama-Boyo day is unbeatable!  It’s days like this that I realise maybe I haven’t done such a bad job of this mothering thing.

This Thankful Thursday, I’m grateful for the time I can spend with my little dude, just hanging out.  I’m kinda grateful for those fab chairs too, just quietly.

What’s floating your boat this Thankful Thursday?


Thankful Thursday


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