The Best of Me Movie Review

Kimba Likes Daily Treats - some of the daily Me Moments I experienced in October, plus my The Best of Me movie review

Have you been sharing your Kimba Likes Daily Treats on socialite media with me?  It’s easy peasy lemon squeezy.  Just find a few minutes every day to do something nice for yourself.  As simple as a homemade latte drunk whilst still hot.  As elaborate as a fancy pants new hairdryer!  They were the highlights of my recent Kimba Likes Daily Treats moments.

I’ve teamed up with the Gorgeous Girls of Champagne Cartel and their Champagne Moments to celebrate the little things in life.  The Me Time Moments.  Such an honour to hang out with these girls on Instagram every day.  Join us! Snap a picture, tag @kimbalikes, @champagnecartel, #kimbalikesdailytreats and #champagnemoments

Some of the fabulous Kimba Likes Daily Treats Champagne Moments that have been shared recently have got me smiling along.  I’m going to share a few of my favourites with you.  But first, it’s all about a rather special Kimba Likes Daily Treats moment I had recently.

Kimba Likes Daily Treats - some of the daily Me Moments I experienced in October, plus my The Best of Me movie review

The Best of Me movie review

I was lucky to be invited to a media preview screening at the gorgeous Roadshow private theatre to see The Best of Me.  I nearly fell over when I realised I was At the Movies with Margaret and David!  Click here for their review.

I have to be honest.  I’m not really a chick flick kinda girl.  I like vintage movies like Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Pillow Talk and North by Northwest.  I’m rather fond of dsytopian drama, zombie and vampire flicks – because I had to grow old, but I didn’t have to grow up. I adore sweeping historical drama like Gladiator, and classic novel adaptations like Sense and Sensibility.  I like to laugh and I like to be moved and I like to be scared and I like to figure out whodunnit … but I’m not really a weepy girly cry fest movie fan.

Whilst I appreciate the oeuvre and appeal of one Mr Ryan Gosling in all his “it’s like you’re Photoshopped” cheeky chap glory,  I’ve never ever even seen The Notebook.  I know, right.  Going to have to hand in my ovaries and my Girly Girl card stat.

So I was a little bit apprehensive and quite a lot excited to see the latest Nicholas Sparks novel adaptation, The Best of Me.  As I understand, Nicholas Sparks seems to be a little like Jodie Picoult.  Terribly popular novels written for a primarily female audience along a tried and tested formula.

Nicholas Sparks’ formula seems to be – Girl meets boy.  Girl and boy fall in love.  Girl and boy are separated by tragic circumstances.  Girl and boy are temporarily reunited.  Someone dies.  Flashbacks abound.  Everyone cries.  All good.

The Best of Me tells the tale of posh girl Amanda and wrong-side-of-the-tracks Dawson.  They were high school sweethearts, who haven’t seen each other for 20 years.  They are thrown together by the passing of an old friend, and work through their past issues by means of flashbacks.

I was surprised at how much I enjoyed the movie, even though I was aware of some of the shortcomings.  The baddies were particularly caricatured.  The present day Dawson and Amanda bear almost no resemblance to the Dawson and Amanda of the past.  Amanda’s wardrobe of backless summer frocks and swishy ponytails seems to be the only connecting factor.  Dawson the younger, at some angles, looks older than Dawson the elder.  It’s peculiar.

Some of the highlights? Gerald McRaney, whom I remember mainly from Major Dad, plays a fantastically stoic old man.  He takes in the runaway Dawson and it is his death that draws the characters together again.  James Marsden was a highlight.  All cheekbones, stubble and eyes.  I’ve mainly watched kids movies over the last 10 years.  He rocked my world as Fred O’Hare in Hop, Prince Edward in Enchanted and the guy-who-gets-the-girl in  27 Dresses.  See? I DO watch chick flicks!

As for my The Best of Me movie review?  Look, it’s a chick flick.  It’s a Nicholas Sparks chick flick.  You know what you’re getting.  It wasn’t the best movie I’ve ever seen, but it wasn’t the worst either.  I was very happy to have a couple of hours to myself, and curl up to watch a movie.  I’d definitely recommend it if you’re after a girly movie experience.  2.5 tissues out of 5

Am I a chick flick convert?  I’m not convinced, but I’m getting there.  In fact, I’m going to hire The Notebook when the Blokefolk go camping next weekend!

Kimba Likes Daily Treats | The Fab Four

Kimba Likes Daily Treats - some of the daily Me Moments I experienced in October, plus my The Best of Me movie review, plus my October Fab Four!


Instead of rushing home after school drop off, Andrea from Icadoo took her youngest to the beach.  Cute!

Manna for Mumma

A kid free trip to IKEA had this ladybug talking of heaven.  I get it.  I do!  Oh and Manna for Mumma? They’re all about gourmet gifts for new mothers.  They deliver chilled gift hampers to new mothers, packed with all the delicious forbidden-during-pregnancy treats we all craved.  Love it!

The Mummy and the Minx

No work, no blogging, no study, no FaceTime with a FIFO hubby for one of The Mummy and the Minx team.  Just book time, bed and a cup of tea.  Heavenly right?

My Brown Paper Packages

Malinda from My Brown Paper Packages supervised a bubble bath with bubbles.  I like her style!


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  • Kimba - 3 November 2014 - 8.09 pm

    Grace, they take themselves TRES seriously in this movie!ReplyCancel

  • Sonia Life Love Hiccups - 3 November 2014 - 5.13 pm

    I havent been to see it yet, but you have just sealed the deal hun… I am going. Do you think it is suitable for a 13 year old girl too? xxReplyCancel

    • Kimba - 3 November 2014 - 8.00 pm

      It’s a little bit sexy sexy and there are some violent bits, but I think it would be OK. Mind you, it’s been a while since I was a 13 year old girl, so I hope it’s OK!ReplyCancel

  • Grace - 2 November 2014 - 6.55 pm

    I’ve seen the trailers to this one a couple of times now and I’m not convinced. Especially when I’m a huge chick flick fan. But I think I like the ones where the characters don’t take themselves so seriously.
    I thought I would love The Notebook after everyone had raved about it. Surprisingly, it actually didn’t win me over either.ReplyCancel

  • Sammie @ The Annoyed Thyroid - 1 November 2014 - 8.51 pm

    I love me a chick flick although I am ashamed to say I have never seen The Notebook either. It’s something I need to address stat, because one can never have too much Ryan Gosling in one’s life. I’m also ashamed to admit that I haven’t been to the flicks for months, I wanted to see this movie before your review, but now I want to see it even more now that I know it stars Mr 27 Dresses. I think the coolest bit is that you sat in a movie theatre with Margaret and David which totes makes you a qualified film critic!ReplyCancel

    • Kimba - 3 November 2014 - 8.08 pm

      Yes! I love that! Now a film critic – adding to my CV stat!

      The Blokefolk are going camping this weekend – unless there’s a total fireban and bushfire alert – so I see The Notebook in my future!ReplyCancel

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