The Fashion Rule I will never ever break

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I am a great believer that Fashion Rules are Made to be Broken.  Blue and green must never be seen without a colour in between?  What a load of rubbish.  Have you noticed how beautifully the sky goes with grass?  That’s just one of the old school Fashion Rules designed to be smashed.

But … there is one fashion rule that I believe should never ever be broken.


smash the fashion rules


The Fashion Rule I will never ever break

I call it the Kimba Likes Chook Rule of Fashion.  Chook rule?  What on earth am I on about?  Have I gone bok bok bok bonkers?

The fashion rule which I believe should remain ironclad is “legs or cleavage, never both”.  I’ve given it a Kimba twist.  Breast or thigh, not both.  The next time you sit down to a roast chicken dinner and the carver asks if you’d like breast or thigh, it will all make much more sense!

Seriously, it’s not fuddy duddy or old fashioned to follow this fashion rule.  It is classy and surprisingly sexy.  Sometimes what we conceal is sexier than what we reveal.  Showing off a killer cleavage teamed with a micro mini is just Too Much Information.

Not only that, but it is like wearing a statement necklace, chandelier earrings and  bangles and cuffs on each arm.  Too many focal points competing for attention.

But wait … it’s not just women who need to pay heed to this old school fashion rule.  Increasingly, it is men too.  I know right?

It is generally the young blades sporting the look that breaks the Kimba Likes Chook Rule of Fashion.  They team low v neck T shirts with very short shorts, often extremely tailored (polite speak for so tight you can see what they had for breakfast).

But … just like a woman in an extremely short skirt and very low cut top makes herself look cheap, no matter what the actual price tag of her outfit says, a man wearing a Too Much Information Outfit doesn’t make himself look expensive either.

This isn’t a body shaming issue – there is no body shaming allowed at Kimba Likes.  No way, no how, under any circumstances.  It doesn’t matter whether the figure on display is male or female, or whether it is slender, standard or plus sized.  Cleavage AND Legs, or Breast AND Thigh, if you prefer, just isn’t a very good look.

I’d love to know what you think.  Am I just being an old fuddy duddy?  Should this be another entry in the Smash the Fashion Rules file?



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