The Grateful Project

Have you heard of the Grateful Project?  You’ve probably seen it all over Facebook.  You get nominated by a friend to share three things that make you grateful for five days.

My gorgeous girl Sonia from Sonia Styling nominated me.  I nominated everyone who wants to participate!  Have you played along?  If you’d like to, consider yourself invited!


The Grateful Project

The Grateful Project Day 1

  1. The many lovely and gorgeous happy messages I’ve received for my birthday today! How lovely and I feel so special.
  2. The gorgeousness of my Blokefolk for organising such a gorgeous day for my birthday, including breakfast in bed, lunch at our wedding venue, cake and Champagne and lovely presents!
  3. My new leopard print Mimco kitten heels that I bought using my birthday Mimcollective gift voucher.

The Grateful Project

The Grateful Project Day 2

  1. I’m grateful for delicious tea. I love it so. Especially since I’ve had to give up caffeine temporarily. Here’s a little sneakeh peekeh at my Lady Tea Emporium in my Pandry (or is that Launtry?).
  2. Grateful for the cup of tea the Welshman makes me every single morning without fail.
  3. Grateful for the Welshman’s work. We borrowed the Taronga Zoo gold pass that is available for staff and had a lovely family adventure on Sunday.

The Grateful Project

The Grateful Project Day 3

  1. Boyo is off to camp. Having an only child means two date nights! Going to the movies! Not having to pay a babysitter $100! YAY!
  2. Grateful for a day off that isn’t considered to be a wasted day. I went shopping. I had a blast. I still have loads of birthday money left! I love outlet centres!
  3. Grateful for GF seaweed rice crackers. GF bread is absolutely disgusting but this girl needs more carbs than some GF cereal can provide.

The Grateful Project

The Grateful Project Day 4

  1. I’m grateful for my darling husband who looks after us all so beautifully and went above and beyond to help me. Cooking food I can eat and reheat one handed. Bringing me flowers. Bagging my cast so I can shower. Doing up my bra. Taking me to a shopping mall to run errands in the weekend – have you seen the parking issues in the weekend?! Et al etc etc
  2. Good friends who have helped with rainy day school runs and offered other help.
  3. My iPhone which means I can stay in touch one handed!

The Grateful Project

The Grateful Project Day 5

  1. The Welshman being a single dad for the weekend so I can head off to ProBlogger!  This is just one example of his fabulousness.
  2. Fabulous friends who listen to me whinge and to my advice.
  3. My darling gorgeous Boyo who is everything I ever dreamed of during those dark days of IVF, 37 weeks of morning sickness, the sad loss of his twin late in the first trimester, and an emergency caesarean complete with drug allergic reactions.  Every single night, I creep in to his bedroom long after he’s asleep, tuck him in and smoosh him.  I’m so very grateful he chose me to be his mama.

What are you grateful for?


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  • workingwomenaus - 1 September 2014 - 9.10 am

    I’ve been nominated for this and must get onboard. Like Vanessa I’m grateful to have met you this weekend. if it’s possible, you’re even sweeter in real life than online xxReplyCancel

    • Kim-Marie - 1 September 2014 - 11.42 am

      Oh bless you, Kim. What a lovely thing to say! xx

      I adored meeting you – finally! xReplyCancel

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