The Power of Shoes



Hello, my name is Kim-Marie and I’m addicted to shoes.

I’m fully prepared to admit to being deeply shallow.  I love shoes.  I luff them.  I la la love them.  I have far too many pairs of shoes.  With this in mind, I recently cleared out my shoerobe and donated quite a few pairs to Red Cross Rozelle.  It’s good for the sole soul.  Dad jokes for the win!

I still have more pairs of shoes than I care to count but I don’t drink and I don’t smoke and I don’t do drugs – I need one little vice, don’t I?!  Let’s not talk about my handbag predilection either, OK?



My mother and I don’t see each other very often, as we live in different countries.  We were recently able to spend some time together as we gathered for the very sad occasion of farewelling my stepfather.  The time was a blur of waiting and grief and sharing and organising and trying to remember to eat and drink and sleep.

On the morning of his funeral, we were very kindly taken out for breakfast by lovely family friends.  In the short window between the ordering and the arrival of our breakfast, we squeezed in a spot of shopping.  My eyes were drawn to a gorgeous pair of cobalt Jo Mercer strappy heels in the window of an op shop boutique and they became mine.  I chose to think of this as a sign from my stepfather Bargain Baz – he couldn’t resist a bargain and neither can I!



I wore them yesterday for the school and supermarket run.  It was a bit of a change for me – I love to accessorise with shoes but heels are not usually a daily thing for me.  I have to tell you, I was amazed at the power of a pair of shoes.  I walked taller and felt a surge of confidence.  I found that people were affected by the shoes too – I had people looking at my shoes, then smiling at me.  Women approached me and complimented me about my shoes.  I loved being able to tell them that I found them in an op shop and l couldn’t pass up the opportunity to recommend Red Cross Rozelle where I work as a volunteer.



They may also be my holy grail shoe – my favourite bright blue colour, peeptoe style to show off my pedicure, a walkable heel with ankle support, fashion forward and actually comfortable.  I know right?  They were also thrifted for an absolute song, which makes me even happier!  i wore them for a whole day and not a blister in sight. Amazeballs.

Do you have a holy grail shoe?  Have you felt more confident just slipping on a favourite pair of shoes?  Do shoes make your heart beat a little faster too?

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