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Kimba Likes Thursday Tips | tips, tricks and lifehacks to make life easier! #kimbalikes @kimbalikes kimbalikes.comYay! Time for more tips, tricks and life hacks.  All about skincare tips and tricks to make being beautiful a little easier.

Kimba Likes Thursday Tips, Tricks & Life Hacks - find more at #lifehacks #makeuptips

Thursday Tips, Tricks and Life Hacks | nudie rudie

Apply your skincare when you’re a nudie rudie.  Trust me on this one.  I’ve looked after my facial skin over the years, but kinda forgot about my neck.  And it shows.

Your face stops at your boobs.  It’s difficult to apply creams, lotions and oils to your decolletage when you’re dressed.

So after you’ve had your morning (or evening) shower, and before you’ve popped your clothes on, apply your skincare.  Your neck and decolletage will give your age away, and they deserve the skincare love just as much as your face!

Kimba Likes Thursday Tips, Tricks & Life Hacks - find more at #lifehacks #makeuptips

Thursday Tips, Tricks & Life Hacks | layering skincare

I adore layering my skincare products.  One product just isn’t enough – especially now I’m old! I tend to layer a toner, treatment essence, serum, moisturiser, and eye cream.

For day, I’ll add sunscreen and primer.  If I’m feeling dry, I’ll press a little oil into my skin.  For night, I add a skin oil (and a few times a week, a retinol treatment product).  Sometimes I just wear skin oil products for my night time skincare.

But … did you see the order? Oil is always last.  Why? Because oil and water don’t mix.  If you layer oil-based products on your skin before water-based products, then the water-based products are kinda wasting your time.  Say what? Oil and water don’t mix so the oil-based products create a barrier.

The good news is that oil-based products create a barrier.  Popping a layer of skin oil over the rest of your layered skincare products keeps the good stuff on your skin overnight to fight the good fight against lines, wrinkles and all that other yukky stuff.

An easy rule of thumb is to start with the lightest, most fluid serums and lotions first, and finishing with the thickest creams.

Kimba Likes Thursday Tips, Tricks & Life Hacks - find more at #lifehacks #makeuptips

Thursday Tips, Tricks and Life Hacks | hero product

Got Champagne tastes on a beer budget? Me too! One of the ways I save money on skincare is splurge on the hero products and scrimp on the basics.

Yep.  All of those fancy ranges have a hero product, usually a serum.  The other products in the range contain a lesser percentage of the “magic formula”.  I layer the amazing awesome innovative serum on my skin and layer a less expensive moisturiser over the top.

I can make my own AHA exfoliator from sugar, which I use once a week, so I can splurge on a quality retinol product to use once or twice a week.

Products I splurge on are serums I use at night, eye cream for day and night, and my SKII Facial Treatment Essence.  I use a less expensive serum (that I pick up from the supermarket) during the day.  Skin repair at a cellular turnover level happens overnight, so don’t waste your hero serums during the day.

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What are your favourite skincare tips and tricks? What do you splurge on and save on?

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  • Karin O'Grady - 21 July 2015 - 2.58 am

    Knowing it now makes me go “durh!” but I had never thought of the oil and water thing. It makes perfect sense. I really want to try out the Go-To range by Zoe Foster-Blake. That will be my next skincare purchase.ReplyCancel

  • Sammie @ The Annoyed Thyroid - 19 July 2015 - 7.35 am

    I am a lazy girl in the skincare department, bordering on total slacker so these tips and tricks are both enlightening and useful!ReplyCancel

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