$5 Thrift Challenge | Rozelle Markets

$5 Thrift Challenge | Rozelle Markets

Hello thrift challenge!  What can you get for $5?  My daily large latte costs $4.  A loaf of sourdough from Zumbo is $7.  One scoop of gelato at Bellingen Gelato Rozelle is $4.

A new challenge was born recently on a Family Funday Sunday wander down the road. I decided to forgo my gelato treat in favour of $5 and five minutes at Rozelle Markets.

The Blokefolk challenged me to see what I could track down at our local weekend second hand flea markets.  Never one to turn down a challenge, the thrift challenge was on like Donkey Kong!

$5 Thrift Challenge | Rozelle Markets

$5 Thrift Challenge | Rozelle Markets

I considered some vintage buttons for a craft project I’m collecting bits and pieces for.  Have you ever bought vintage buttons before?  I had absolutely no idea how much buttons cost, let alone how much vintage buttons might cost, which is why I asked the woman selling them for a price.

I’m afraid that I am not crafty enough to know anything about vintage haberdashery items.  Unfortunately, the woman selling them thought I was a different kind of crafty.  The kind where you play a bargaining game.  The only time I’ve ever bartered in my life was by accident when I picked up an item in a vintage shop one day to look at something underneath it, and the shop owner started reducing the price as I stood there, without saying a word.

The Rozelle Markets stallholder wasn’t very happy when I declined to enter into negotiations with her, and yelled after me that I shouldn’t expect a bargain just because it was Sunday afternoon.  How embarrassing!

Next up, I looked at a fabulous rack of second hand clothes in exactly my colours and style, but sadly not my size.  All marked down to $5 because the stallholder wanted to pack up and head to the pub!

As I was leaving, my eyes were drawn to a souvenir London plate of immense kitschiness for the princely sum of $4.

It’s modern, but has a vintage feel to it and comes complete with a hanging hook.  It’s so bad it’s good.  It’s currently hanging in my my laundry because everyone needs to feel happy in a laundry, don’t you think?

Do you like to have a rummage around an op shop or a market stall?  Ever found any treasure?


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