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Kimba Likes Thursday Tips | tips, tricks and lifehacks to make life easier! #kimbalikes @kimbalikes

Time for some easy peasy lemon squeezy style tips.  I’m rather fond of tips, tricks and life hacks.

Kimba Likes Thursday Tips | Style Tips smooth your figure by popping your suck 'em in knickers over your tights #kimbalikes #thursdaytips #kimbalikeslifehacks

Thursday Tips, Tricks and Life Hacks | smooth silhouette

So you’ve got your suck ’em in knickers on, you’re looking smooth and trim, and then you pop a pair of tights on.  They dig in and create lumps and bumps in your formerly smooth silhouette.  What the?

The trick is to pop your tights on THEN your knickers.  You can double knicker, but it’s not necessary if your tights have cotton gussets.

The uber babe known as Smaggle shared some tips about this recently on how to prevent tight slidage (totes is a word).

Way to look like a smooth criminal, I mean superhero!

Kimba Likes Thursday Tips | Style Tips baby wipes are a style essential.  Keep in your handbag for cleaning emergencies on the run #kimbalikes #thursdaytips #kimbalikeslifehacks

Thursday Tips, Tricks and Life Hacks | lady wipes

I carried baby wipes in my bag a long time before I had kids, and I’m still carrying them now.  They’re so handy for emergency clean ups, especially when you’re a mucky pup like me.  I call them lady wipes. Because I can.

A little mini pack will save you from missed toothpaste splodges, deodorant marks, lunchtime dribbles et al.  Got public loo issues? A packet of lady wipes in your handbag and you’re saved!

I buy prettily scented ones in a pink packet from Colette Hayman.  They call them hand wipes, but I think lady wipes works best.

Kimba Likes Thursday Tips | Style Tips a style tip for belts.  Buy them a size too big so you can customise your look by looping and knotting your belt #kimbalikes #thursdaytips #kimbalikeslifehacks

Thursday Tips, Tricks and Life Hacks | belt it up

Love the look of a looped or knotted belt? Gorgeous in summer over a maxi dress.  Delightful in winter over a pencil skirt and fitted cardigan.  Just to name a few ways to wear this look.

Buy your narrow and skinny belts a size too big so you’ve got extra length available for your knotting and looping action.  Try a woven one and then you won’t need to worry about extra belt holes.

If you do want extra holes, just go to your nearest shoe repair place, and ask them nicely.  Most of them won’t charge but will ask you to make a donation to charity.  Maybe take a sweet or three with you to hand over.

Any of these style tips take your fancy? Got one you want to share with the Kimba Likes community of gorgeous girls?

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      Why thank you! Yep, time for a little tzjush! Once I started it, I kept going until I’d fiddled and customised lots of little bits and pieces too. Fun!ReplyCancel

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    That’s it! I’m going to Coles at lunchtime to buy a mini pack of baby wipes. Love these tips!ReplyCancel

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