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I just love little tips, tricks and life hacks.  It ties in so beautifully with the care and share nature of social media.  I also love how something so simple can really change your life.  Yep, it might be a really silly little thing but the little things build up to become big things, right?

What’s so interesting about tips, tricks and life hacks is that something one person has done for years might be an entirely new concept for someone else.

With this in mind, I started a new little project.  I call it Thursday Tips.  Every Thursday, I share a simple little trick to make your life easier.  It might be Captain Obvious to you, or it might make you say “now, that’s what I needed to know!”.

Right, enough talking.  Let’s get on with the tips, tricks and life hacks!

Kimba Likes Tips, Tricks and Life Hacks // Thursday Tips

Keep track of your cords, chargers and backup batteries et al by labelling them with washi tape.  You can colour code for each family member.  You’ll never guess which one is mine.  OK, it’s the pink one with bunnies.  Who knew?!

Kimba Likes Tips, Tricks and Life Hacks // Thursday Tips

Worried about your new lipstick not matching with your blush?  Easy peasy lemon squeezy.  Just dab your lipstick onto your cheeks and blend, blend, blend.  Use it as a creme blush that is guaranteed to coordinate with your lipstick.  Now you’re even more gorgeous!

Kimba Likes Tips, Tricks and Life Hacks // Thursday Tips

It’s summer time and the living is easy.  But man, the shaving is boring!  Shaving cream is itchy and you have to rinse it off.  Dry shaving is the ultimate no no – unless you want razor burn and nicks.  Moisturiser works well but can be too thick and clogs the razor blades after one swipe.

I’ve got the perfect solution.  Conditioner!  You can leave it on after shaving your legs and rub it in as body moisturiser.  It’s cheap as chips, and a great way to use up conditioner that might not be quite right for your hair.

Have you got any tips, tricks or life hacks that you’d like to share with me?

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