Too old to learn skateboarding?


Keep Calm and Kick Push


I posed a question the other day – am I too old to learn skateboarding?  Too old to feel the wind in my hair as I kick push my way down the street?  Hopefully not the Boulevard of Broken Limbs Dreams.  Or is age just a number, baby?

There are lots of things I feel I’m too old to do.  Like wear miniskirts without opaque tights and even then, it’s questionable.  At best.

I can still wear red lipstick but was recently warned that matte red lips can be very ageing.  I’m listening.

I finally decided in my mid 30s, post birth of EnormoBaby and the ensuing ravages on my body, to wear a bikini in public.  If I didn’t do it in my mid 30s, I would look back in my mid 40s and regret it.  I know I regret not wearing one when I was young and thin in my 20s.  What was I thinking?


#shoein at Skater HQ


So, after years of wishing I knew how to skate, I started thinking maybe I could do it now.  Before I’m completely decrepit.  Do I hear the words midlife crisis?  Yup, loud and clear.  But that’s as good a reason as any other and considerably cheaper than a shiny new red sportscar, and not quite as vain as, say, getting Botox.

The answer was a resounding positive, so I’m gatecrashing Boyo’s next Skater HQ lesson and learning how to skate.  I’ll need to hire some gear.  And cope with the idea of helmet hair.  And wearing something on my head in public that isn’t a vintage silk scarf or a Mimco beret.  Luckily, I’ve already got some Vans.  With pink hippos  on them.  As you do.


Pink Hippo Vans


Boyo’s already been teaching me a few tricks.  I can almost sorta kinda tic tac (kickturn) now.  That might be extremely generous to call it that.  But then I fall on my arse on the grass, so it’s all relative.

They say age is just a number and that you’re only as old as you feel.  Some days, that is 75 and some days it’s 7.5!  They also say you’re only as old as the (wo)man you feel.  Fine for the Welshman, but not so much for me.  He is four years older than me.

Well, you heard it here first.  I’m going to learn how to ride a skateboard.  Is that what one does?  Do you ride a skateboard even?  Do I need to know that?  Hell, I’m already a very nearly 40 year old woman who wants to learn how to skateboard with her 9 year old son.  I’m already the biggest walking midlife crisis cliche that ever walked into the skate shop at Manly Beach, so if I don’t have the patois correct, it is really not going to make much of a difference.


Boyo's Skateboard


I have wanted to skate since I was very young and just never quite managed to do it.  Probably too busy with tap dance and jazz ballet, and reading 500 million books, then learning how to walk in heels and how to drive and how to study at college and how to get a job and all that other stuff.  You know, life.

In the meantime, check out this video of Boyo bombing a hill at Manly Lagoon.  The dude’s got skills.  Mad skillz.  I think that’s what the young people are saying these days.



So, what have you always wanted to learn to do?  Now is the time!  If I can start learning to skateboard at 39, then there is no excuse.  OK, there are some valid excuses, I’ll give you that.  Why not give it a go!  Next, I might learn to crochet, or knit properly – something else I’ve always wanted to do!


  • Kaptain Kobold - 29 April 2013 - 12.44 pm

    I tried learning to skateboard at the tender age of 45. An hour in I stumbled badly and spent the next six weeks with my ankle strapped up. I decided that skateboarding wasn’t for me 🙂

    My wife and i learned to dance (Rock and Roll) a couple of years ago. I’d never done that before. But that was a social thing rather than any kind of mid-life crisis. The frocks and stuff were my mid-life crisis, and a bloody good one it’s been 🙂ReplyCancel

    • Kim-Marie from Kimba Likes - 29 April 2013 - 1.44 pm

      I learnt to rock and roll when I was in my late teens. So Much Fun! I wish I could still remember how to do it.

      Have you tried an antique gold eyeliner yet?! xReplyCancel

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