Upcycled Fashion : How I turned a skirt into a scarf


Keep Calm and Upcycle Fashion


Oh, I had so much fun at the Rozelle Markets recently. Scored some absolute designer bargains and some gorgeous vintage pieces too. One of the fab pieces I found was a damaged size 0 Isabel Marant silk wrap skirt. Why exactly would I be excited about that?!


Isabel Marant upcycled skirt as scarf rozelle markets


This is why I decided to buy a ripped silk skirt in a size that I’d be lucky to get over one thigh, let alone actually wear. I decided to turn it into an upcycled fashion piece!

The fabric was so gorgeous in the most delicate silk and amazingly detailed print that I bought it simply thinking I might be able to cut it up and make a hairbow out of it.

As I was playing with it, I realised the elastic waist with loops for the side wings of fabric that tied in the middle of the waist was eminently versatile.



Firstly, I gathered the back of the skirt and placed the elastic waistband over my head, draping the front of the skirt as a scarf. I left the waist ties loose, and also tied them across the front of the scarf for a different look.

Next, I untied the waist ties and opened the skirt up with the waist ties and the ripped section on my back and tied it across my shoulders in a silk shawl fashion, using the waist ties.

This could also be tied around my hips over a dress like the Seed Femme Condom Dress, as seen on Styling You.

I will repair the ripped seam – or more likely, pay someone who can actually sew to do it for me!


rozelle markets may 2013


Here are some of the other treasures I thrifted on the same Rozelle Markets trip. An ever-so-slightly beaten up Luella bag, a Pierre Cardin hat last worn more than 30 years ago for a bride’s going away outfit and a fab 60s handmade knit jersey dress.




I’m running a guinea pig session of Kimba Likes Terrific Thrifting Tours this weekend with a couple of brave bloggers who will benefit from my vintage op shop expertise as we trawl through the op shops, vintage boutiques and markets of the Rozelle “Golden Triangle”.

Please do let me know if you’re interested in joining me one Saturday morning for three hours of thrifting, personalised styling and shopping assistance from yours truly, and a good gossip over a lovely cup of coffee at one of my favourite local cafes. You can contact me at styling@kimbalikes.com.

Have you upcycled fashion items recently? Do tell, I’d love to hear all about it!


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