wearing the rainbow | #rainbowweekoutfits

wearing the rainbow | #rainbowweekoutfits

My lovely friend Ali is a fabulous fashion designer and inspirer of style challenges!  Ali had the great idea of turning Fat Mum Slim’s Photo a Day alphabet challenge into a style challengeFind Ali on Instagram here

She recently came up with the idea of a week of wearing the rainbow.  After feeling a bit meh after a week of wearing neutrals, Ali decided to kick off February with lots of colour!

Taking inspiration from the colours of the rainbow, each day’s outfit was inspired by a different colour.  Just follow Roy G Biv, or Richard of York gave battle in vain.  Who doesn’t love a good mnemonic?

Kimba Likes wearing the rainbow #rainbowweekoutfits

wearing the rainbow | red

I threw on my Boom Shankar Eddi droppies in vibrant red, with mix + match Mireia Ruiz x Gorman T shirt and my beloved Adidas Superstars for a movie with Boyo and a family friend.

Red with a sports luxe vibe.

Kimba Likes wearing the rainbow #rainbowweekoutfits

wearing the rainbow | orange

I bought this sweet little Kablooie skirt last year, but hadn’t worn it. It has a wide ruched elastic waistband which I was having styling issues with.  Turns out it needed a chambray peplum tank!

I’m trying to be a more mindful shopper this year, so I justified this $7 (on sale) Kmart purchase by applying my new rules to it.  I have to be able to make three outfits with it from existing pieces in my wardrobe, and to pass on at least two items from my already bursting wardrobe.

I added a MAC orange lip and Tory Burch orange patent leather ballet flats to amp up the orange.

Orange touches with a ladylike vibe.

Kimba Likes wearing the rainbow #rainbowweekoutfits

wearing the rainbow | yellow

Yellow used to be one of those colours that didn’t feature in my wardrobe very much.  However, I was spoilt for choice when selecting this outfit!  I seem to have So Much Yellow!

I started with my Bohemian Traders linen smock, added my vintage Gorman denim jacket with splashes of yellow in the tie dye design, popped on my cheery yellow patent Saltwater Sandals, and accessorised with an Alannah Hill yellow velvet hairbow and Hello Hemi (yellow) gold leather tassel earrings.

Hello yellow with a fun vibe.

Kimba Likes wearing the rainbow #rainbowweekoutfits

wearing the rainbow | green

One of the really quite bloody annoying things about life with chronic illness is that I can’t always predict how I will be on a particular date.  I decided against going to see my beloved Foo Fighters in concert recently.  There were seated tickets available but it still involved travel to and from the venue, and dealing with a massive crowd of pissed blokes, all whilst relying on my pink sparkly walking stick.

Luckily, one of my very gorgeous girlfriends kindly queued up and bought me some tour merch.  I had been waiting all week to wear it, and finally the day for green rolled around!

I teamed my super soft band tee with Kmart step hem jeans and Ziera leopard sandals for a comfy Get Shiz Done Day.

Green with a rock chic vibe.

Kimba Likes wearing the rainbow #rainbowweekoutfits

wearing the rainbow | blue

Blue happens to be my favourite colour so finding an outfit should have been easy, right? Actually, it was rather difficult to choose between my favourites!

In my rummaging, I found my lovely Mireia Ruiz X Gorman pinafore.  Yep, the same Hidden Faces print as the T shirt in my red outfit. The summer had been way too hot and humid to wear it as often as I had wished!

I added a Popbasic cobalt Le Breton top (new stock in navy just released but I do miss their collated collections), matchy matchy striped hoop vintage earrings thrifted from Goodwill Lane Cove, and matchy matchy Gorman hairbow.

Super excited to debut my new Tretorn sneakers kindly gifted by Shopbop.  Based on the original 60s design, they’re padded and comfy for my poor sore feet, and the super shiny rose gold patent leather just makes me happy!

Blue with a print clash matchy matchy vibe.

Kimba Likes wearing the rainbow #rainbowweekoutfits

wearing the rainbow | indigo

I actually spent quite a bit of time researching indigo.  We know of indigo washed denim, which is now done with a synthetic dye instead of the indigo plant, and we know of indigo from the rainbow.  Yet, side by side, they’re quite different colours!

My research lead me down an internet rabbit hole.  Sir Isaac Newton was the first to understand the rainbow.  He refracted white light through a prism and identified seven colours; influenced by his occult beliefs.  He believed that seven colours must combine to make white.  It was fascinating!

More than 300 years later, indigo is no longer considered to be a rainbow colour by some.  Just three primary colours (red, yellow, blue) and three secondary colours (green, orange, violet).

Indigo is halfway between blue and violet. Violet is halfway between blue and purple. So indigo is one quarter purple and three quarters blue.  Research and maths for a colour challenge? Why not!

I selected a sweet little Boden dress that was blue with a hint of purple, and Kmart indigo washed jeans.  My Mireia Ruiz x Gorman hairbow in Canvas print had touches of indigo too.

Indigo with a retrocute vibe.

Kimba Likes wearing the rainbow #rainbowweekoutfits

wearing the rainbow | violet

I had a slight panic when it came to violet.  I scrolled through my Instagram desperately looking for a hint of purple.  How could I have forgotten my Gorman Crystal Clusters dress? Because it was in my “Take to the Dressmakers” basket. The arms are very narrow in this design, and that’s why it is in the basket!  But, oh, that print!

I teamed it with high waisted distressed skinnies from TSID Clothing, pink Mimco sunnies and pink Ziera sandals, and a ridiculously fun Rebecca Minkoff bag kindly gifted by Shopbop.

Violet with a tough pretty vibe.

Kimba Likes wearing the rainbow #rainbowweekoutfits

wearing the rainbow

I had such fun wearing the rainbow for a week.  I wore new pieces and old pieces that haven’t had a wear for a while. I repeated an outfit style, and I wore denim or chambray for six outfits.

Ali is now running #printweekstyle, where she is aiming to keep up the colour and add print. You know how much I love print!

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  • jotracey - 11 February 2018 - 10.49 am

    I’m a bit of a Boom Shankar girl & your pics have inspired me to give the droppies a go. Loving all the colours! #teamlovinlifeReplyCancel

  • Deborah - 10 February 2018 - 9.23 am

    I love Boom Shankar and Gorman clothing but don’t think either fit me. I’ve sussed out their sites in the past and I’m well and truly plus-sized (at least an 18). Gorman in particular has some stuff I adore (their prints are to die for) but….

    I love your colour combos! I wear too much black but it’s mainly cos colour options locally are limited and there’s one decent plus-sized store (TS14+) so anyone ‘bigger’ in town wears their stuff and I’d see my same shirt about everywhere. I much prefer online shopping but sizing is so hard to work out! #teamlovinlifeReplyCancel

  • Jodie Filogomo - 10 February 2018 - 4.11 am

    I love that you enjoy color so much, Kim-Marie!! It’s totally fun to try them out because they affect our mood so much!!

  • Leanne @ Deep Fried Fruit - 9 February 2018 - 5.25 pm

    You’re so clever combining your patterns and colours. You pull it off so well.ReplyCancel

  • Brooke Falvey - 8 February 2018 - 6.50 am

    I loved seeing all the rainbow week pics and next time I’m going to be ALL over it.ReplyCancel

  • Dianne Childs - 7 February 2018 - 7.26 am

    I love the idea of wearing the rainbow and you’ve done well! Great way to bring some colour into your week!

    Di from Max The UnicornReplyCancel

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