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We’ve just had the loveliest of lovely weekends.  We’ve done very little yet been awfully busy.  There’s been laughter and cooking and holiday plans and rugby teams winning – and the sun even made a guest star appearance.  All in all, a lovely jubbly weekend.

It feels as though spring might have finally sprung!

Saturday collage

On Saturday, it was all about heading down to Rozelle to help bring some sparkle back.  After the awful explosion recently, the community has taken a further big hit with businesses unable to open with street blockages whilst the police investigations were carried out.  The businesses that were able to open have had difficulty attracting customers due to the restricted access.

We did all our shopping in Rozelle.  Rozelle Meats is an excellent butcher if you’re in striking distance. Ham off the bone to die for. Gourmet sausages at non-gourmet prices.  We picked up fruit and veg at Rozelle Fruit & Veg, bread from About Life and milk from the IGA.  Later in the day, we popped back for gelato from Bellingen Gelato and a wander around Rozelle Markets.

The Welshman procured a huge hunk of beef – settle petal – and slow roasted it on the barbecue for an early dinner.  Oh yes, the All Blacks were playing at 5.30 pm, followed by the Wallabies at 8pm, thereby necessitating dinner at pensioner o’clock.  It is entirely normal to plan your day around a game of rugby.   It is!

Luckily, both teams won.  The All Blacks v South Africa game was a battle of the big blokes and absolutely nail biting.  The Wallabies played the Pumas and I’m unable to elucidate because I got bored and went to bed early.  I love my rugby but sometimes a girl has just had enough of big boofy blokes.  Or is that just me?

Sunday CollageSunday is the Welshman’s sleep in day, and as he’d been travelling interstate during the week, I asked him if he’d like breakfast in bed.  Before he could reply, the little bloke piped up with a yes please.  Of course, I completely forgot about it by the next morning, when I was gently awoken by Boyo shaking my foot.  I stumbled downstairs and a few minutes later, realised I was alone.

I discovered Boyo lounging in bed waiting to make his breakfast order.  Good gods.  I decided to go with it and give him a lovebomb treat.  Chocolate pancakes ensued, followed by a delicious Jarrah hot chocolate topped with Belgian hot chocolate.  Mother of the Year, or what?  Expecting my trophy any moment now via courier flamingo.

Great excitement when I flicked through my emails in the morning, to discover my Katies Collective interview was front and centre on their weekend newsletter.  Along with my sister from another mister, Sonia from Sonia Styling.

We headed out to Ryde Aquatic Centre in the afternoon – a wave pool, river, water slides and excellent toddler play pools, just in case you were wondering.  The Blokefolk had a jolly good splash around in an attempt to tire out Boyo.  It appears to have done the trick.  For both of them!

An afternoon treat of Wild Orange Froyo in Balmain to spread the love, as the neighbouring suburbs have noticed a drop off in their trade too.

Last night’s left over beef rib and roasted potatoes were whizzed up  by the Welshman into a fabulous dinner dish that was vaguely related to both a hash and Beef Stroganoff.  Diced cooked beef, potatoes and mushrooms were sauteed, before the pan was deglazed with verjuice and a splash of cream added.  Oh Em Gee.  So yummy!  I think it’s something I could even do myself – so long as the ingredients were prepped for me!

We did some holiday planning for our school holidays trip to Port Stephens.  So many fun activities like quad biking, sandboarding, horse riding and luge rides.  Except I realised that a girl who still can’t pick up a cup of tea with her injured hand might have to abstain from such activities.  Luckly, there is a market!

How to tie a scarf into a hairbow

Further excitement later in the day, when I was asked on Instagram how I tied my scarf as a hairbow.  I idly typed that phrase into Google to check if my post came up so I could direct to it.  Bugger me when it popped up first.  Of course, I thought it was my Google recognising me.  So I asked the Welshman.  Et voila, first again.  I asked some girlfriends to check for me, and yet again, there I was.  Number one on the organic Google search results for how to tie a scarf as a hair bow – and a few other variations.

Now, I don’t know about you but that was a pretty big deal for me!  I celebrated with some of the Welshman’s Father’s Day Toblerone.  As is only fair, right?

I hope you had an awesome weekend too, and that you got an excuse to indulge in some celebratory Toblerone.  Especially if it was someone else’s!


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