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We adore Valentine’s Day in our family.  All about making a special effort to spend some time together, and do nice things for each other.  It’s not really a hell of a lot different than the rest of our weekends, to be honest. But it’s nice to have an excuse!

Plus, it coincides very nicely with our dating anniversary on 12 February.  Way back in 1999, we had plans scheduled for Sunday. When we realised Sunday was, in fact, Valentine’s Day, it was a little bit awkward.  No one wants the additional pressure of International Romance Day on their first date!

It was the first time I’d ever asked a boy out in my life.  I had endless (and looking back on it now quite pointless and ridiculous) conversations with the girls about whether it was a date or not.  A casual “wanna see a movie?” as the starting point, evolving into what became a 12 hour date including a harbourside restaurant, dinner and a movie.  Not to mention the dozen long stemmed roses which arrived on Saturday morning.

So we broke the ice by watching the Super 12, eating pizza and drinking beer at my share house on the Friday before.  How many people have two first dates?!

Kimba Likes Weekend Style for Valentine's Day

The Blokefolk sent me back to bed so I could have a cup of tea delivered to me.  They’re sweet, aren’t they.  I usually have a cup of tea in bed on Saturday mornings – Mama’s sleep in day – but this one had an extra special helping of love.

Kimba Likes Weekend Style for Valentine's Day

It was a subterfuge so the Welshman could sneak out to the Orange Grove Growers Markets, to fetch me some gorgeously pretty lisianthus.  Isn’t he a darling?

Kimba Likes Weekend Style for Valentine's Day. Wearing Lola vs Harper top, GAP cutoffs, sandals from OzSale, Il Tutto Pixie bag, Ruby Olive necklace, Jet Empire arm party, Charlotte Ronson sunnies

The Blokefolk share my outfit photo duties.  Boyo gets the week days (and has upped his pocket money by a fiver in compensation) and the Welshman takes my weekend photos.  He is the master of making me giggle with rude gestures.  Charming … but funny!

Kimba Likes Weekend Style for Valentine's Day. Wearing Lola vs Harper top, GAP cutoffs, sandals from OzSale, Il Tutto Pixie bag, Ruby Olive necklace, Jet Empire arm party, Charlotte Ronson sunnies

A combination of a casual family day and very hot weather saw me wearing a very simple tee and shorts outfit.

I teamed my beloved GAP denim cutoffs, purchased in Palm Springs in 2013, with a Lola vs Harper logo stripe tee.  The tee is so flattering, with lovely fluttery sleeves and a hi-lo cut. A classic cattleman’s brass buckled belt, picked up on a NSW country holiday a few years ago, holds up my pants and provides some waist defining goodness.

I accessorised with some pretty white and green crystal bracelets from Jet Empire Jewellery and Red Phoenix Style, my ever present Fitbit and a pop pink Ruby Olive necklace.

My green suede sandals from OzSale* have been fabulous this summer.  They’re literally been worn to death, unfortunately, but they’re cute, comfortable and I just love the unexpected colour!  My Il Tutto Pixie Mini bag got another outing – I’m starting to get boring with the same bag, but I just love it!  Practically pretty and not too heavy for my dodgy back and neck.

I kept my cool with my Charlotte Ronson for Vogue Eyewear sunglasses, with their sweet floral printed interior, matte and glossy finish on the front and retro cute shape.  They hold prescription lenses for distance, to make driving a little easier for me.  I never ever do matchy matchy, but I loved these frames so much, I bought the same style for my readers!  $350 for both designer frames? I know.  I nearly fell over too.

Why does this outfit work?

I’ve been having such fun reading all the lovely comments my gorgeous readers have been leaving me for my Kimba Likes Blogiversary giveaway (enter now – run don’t walk! It’s awesome!).  So great to get some insight into what you like reading, what you’re not so keen on, and what you’d like more of.

In response to this, I’m sharing some pointers on why I chose my outfit and why I think it works.

  • The shorts are worn oversized, slung on my hips, and my waist is defined by a simple chunky leather belt
  • The distressed finish of the shorts has flattering fading and the length is not too short, not too long. They’re not skin tight which helps to visually narrow my thighs.
  • I really don’t like the term “age appropriate” because I think we should wear what we like. But for those of us whose legs aren’t their favourite part, yet aren’t quite ready for Nanna-style walking shorts, there are options.  These shorts tap into the denim cutoff trend, which make us feel younger. The length is flattering on my thighs – shorts that are too long can actually make your thighs look wider.
  • Fluttery sleeves are flattering around upper arms and big boobs.
  • The half tuck of the top helps to define the waist, leaving the longer tail to drape flatteringly around my baby-got-back butt.
  • The placement of the stripes, with different angles on the bodice and the sleeves, is flattering and narrows the torso
  • The coloured sandals are as comfy as a pair of Havianas but just look like I’ve made more of an effort.  So haven’t!  The pop of colour is unexpected and fun.
  • Adding in complementary green bracelets to my arm party coordinates without  being matchy matchy
  • The pop of pink adds prettiness without too much girliness, and coordinates with my pretty in pink makeup look.
  • The casual style of the bag in a glam gold is unexpected and works as a feature
  • The main reason this outfit works is because I’m comfortable and happy. I’m dressed for a hot day and a trip out with my Blokefolk – they don’t take kindly to teetering heels!

Kimba Likes Weekend Style for Valentine's Day | shop my style

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What did you do for Valentine’s Day (or Galentine’s Day, as I saw over the weekend – a day to hang with the chicks!)?  Have you entered my giveaways yet?

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