what I learnt from a photoshoot

What I learnt from a photoshoot - my tips and tricks from my photoshoot as a model for Millers Woman Seeing Me Project

I had an amazing experience recently, shooting with Millers Woman for their Seeing Me Project.

It’s the perfect alignment with my style philosophy.  One of the reasons I share my daily outfits – and encourage you to share yours with my Style it Project and seasonal Style File projects – is that a lot of women just aren’t visible in the media.

As a 40+ inbetweenie average height woman, I just don’t get to see women who represent me in advertising.

Smaller more independent brands are leading the charge … and a few bigger brands are on board too. Target’s summer swimsuit campaign, for example.  Models with rolls, wrinkles, wobbly bits.  You know, standard everyday gorgeous women.

I don’t want to see anti-ageing skincare and makeup shown on flawless young skin. Of course their skin is luminous and flawless!

Remember when Trenery launched? A brand designed for 40+ Country Road consumers used smaller sized models much younger than the 40+ target market.  What the?

Kimba Likes and Seeing Me Project is a match made in body positive heaven!

I’m sharing some tips and tricks that I picked up from my day as a (pretend) model.

What I learnt from a photoshoot - my tips and tricks from my photoshoot as a model for Millers Woman Seeing Me Project

what I learnt from a photoshoot | hair & makeup artist

Meet Paul Bedgood, HMUA for Seeing Me Project. He’s making the gorgeous Raylene Barton, of Ariel’s World, look even better here.

  • shiny shimmery makeup can make you look sweaty in photographs
  • MUAs really do use the iconic Maybelline Great Lash.  Who knew?
  • Individual lashes look better than strip lashes, which can make your eyelids droopy and heavy, creating shadows
  • volume, volume, volume when it comes to hair. Bigger is better.
  • allergy eye drops make your eyes whiter and sparkle
  • suck your cheeks in to find the sweet spot for a little bronzer underneath the cheekbones
  • Chanel to Colour Theory – the best product isn’t necessarily the most expensive

what I learnt from a photoshoot | stylist

  • bulldog clips make clothes fit properly
  • a nude smooth bra is an essential (shame I left mine at home and someone had to go and buy me one)
  • prep a table of props for quick and easy outfit changes
  • organise outfits on racks and provide sizing options
  • furniture placement can take longer than styling the outfit!

what I learnt from a photoshoot | photographer

  • a professional photographic studio is basically a giant light box, with a white space with moveable white walls and giant white light screens
  • test shots are a very good idea – I’ve incorporated this into my quick daily #ootd shots
  • you need to know your left and rights in order to follow directions
  • you may also need to be a contortionist – shoulders this way, knees like that, eyes here, chin here, now look natural
  • photographers and their assistants have a giant screen set up for the photos to instantly appear as they’re taken. They will know when they have the shot – and when they need to keep working.
  • check out the photographs when there’s a shooting pause – it will help you work out what looked good and what, well, looked a bit crap
  • relax and enjoy because it will come across in the photos
  • be prepared to move – a lot.  Sometimes the same movement again and again … and again

what I learnt from a photoshoot | model

  • to get the perfect pout, pretend you’re a cow with no lips.  Say “oo” instead of “moo”
  • for a natural looking smile, say “haaaay” like you’re a horse.  Who knew?


what I learnt from a photoshoot | my tips

this isn’t something I’m going to do every week, let’s face it!  However, I did really enjoy my day as a model at a brand photoshoot.  I am always interested in how things work, and learning about the process.  I also love filing away knowledge for the future.

Here’s a few things that I learnt from a photoshoot as a model.  I’ll be referring to these if I have the opportunity to do this again.  They might help you one day too!

  • make sure you take your freshly washed nude T shirt bra – don’t leave it hanging on the front door.  Strategically placed so I wouldn’t forget it, of course.
  • exfoliate the night before and apply a cloth facial mask
  • get a good night’s sleep
  • stay hydrated
  • personal grooming – brow shape, freshly shaved legs
  • a simple nude manicure will look nice but won’t distract
  • pack a mini mani kit – if you chip one nail, you’ll have the right colour to touch it up and won’t need to redo them all
  • nice white teeth – I used my at home whitening kit for a couple of days
  • turn up with clean bare skin, and clean hair
  • go with the flow – it is out of your comfort zone but the professionals know what they’re doing
  • don’t forget to eat and drink water – a dizzy hangry model is not a good model!
  • make sure you enjoy it

Have you done a photoshoot? A personal branding shoot, or a family portrait session? Got any model tips you’d care to s

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