What I Wore | Catwoman or Cat Lady?

I was having a chat with the Welshman last night.  Post Boyo bedtime routine (thank goodness he’s caught the “reading bug” so our bedtime reading routine involves us reading together – from separate books!), we were chatting in the kitchen, food styling dinner and talking about our days. As you do.

The Welshman said “You’ve got a Catwoman thing going on today”.  Just as I was starting to feel a little bit slinkily sexy in what I wore – was it the animal print dress with the cleavage revealing scoop neck, or perhaps the leather-trimmed leggings evoking images of leather catsuits – he said “No, not the Batman one.  The crazy cat lady type.  You know, mad old lady with lots of cats”.

OK, so coloured animal print teamed with Aztec print teamed with a quirky scarf and stripey socks might be a little bit odd, but please bear in mind that it was a designated Mama-Boyo Stay At Home Day.  We left the house only to muck out and feed a friend’s rabbit we are bunnysitting, and fill the car with petrol.  Oh, and pick up some emergency bread supplies. And it was cold!

Needless to say, I was not impressed.

There’s only one thing to say really, isn’t there.



I’m all about keeping it real, but I think there may be times when not expressing your opinion on your beloved’s outfits might be a jolly good idea.  Unless it is “phwoar”, “you look gorgeous”, “have you lost weight?”, “your bum looks tiny in that” … you get where I’m going with this?

All I can say is that he’s very lucky he’s such a spunk.

Of course, the following day’s outfit?  Pattern on pattern.  Obviously!  As if I’d take the Welshman’s fashion advice!




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