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Welcome to a new post series on Kimba Likes!  I’m joining up with Kelly at Kiwi Womens Style for Wardrobe Wednesday, where I’ll feature a What I Wore post.  True to the shared ethos of both Kelly and Kimba, it is likely to feature several thrifted and opshopped bargain buys.  Come and join in the fun!



What I Wore

What I wore on a gorgeously sunny Sydney winter’s day, was one of my staple winter uniforms.  Ankle boots, ponte leggings and a sweater dress, topped off with a knitted hat.



I love a neck party – the guest of honour for this neck party is my Her Fashion Box statement necklace from the July Feminine collection, featuring a delicate double layer chain with bird skull and embellished feather pendant charms.  It works back beautifully with some of my favourite pieces.

This outfit has it all for a busy day running errands and doing the fadmin.  Comfortable yet warm and flattering to boot.  Ankle boot that is.  I’ve only worn my former winter BFFs, knee high riding boots, once this season.  It’s all about the ankle boot.  The high stacked heel is walkable and stylish – that rare combination inspired by the fabulous Acne Pistols of fashion legend.  My tan version are the Alton Stud boot from Target.

Leather trimmed ponte leggings are a garment of magical properties – the panelling visually slims the leg, the leather adds an edge and the ponte fabric sucks everything in.  Abracadabra!  I have these Country Road leather trimmed panel pants in three different colours, so much do I love them!  I picked up my latte and black versions from the fabulous Red Cross Rozelle, and couldn’t resist the navy from last year’s winter clearance sale.

A merino sweater dress in a winter berry tone is long enough to prevent me committing my number one fashion sin – mistaking leggings for pants!  The twist detail in the front is flattering and curve enhancing.  Who doesn’t love that!  This is an old favourite from Ezibuy in New Zealand merino wool.

I added a ridiculously cute winter knitted hat – perfect for days when you really want to get one more day out of your ‘do, plus keep you lovely and warm.  This hat was very kindly gifted to me by Her Fashion Box as part of the July Feminine Fashion Box. Such a fun way to try out new fashion and beauty trends every month!


Shop My Style

Great Ponte & Faux Leather Mix Leggings by Shilla from The Iconic | $79.95 | Click here to purchase

Belted Merino Cardigan by Glassons | Reduced to $30.00 from $59.99 | Click here to purchase

Chunky Cable Knit Beanie by Glassons | $16.99 | Click here to purchase

Onset Tan Ankle Boots by Naturaliser from Style Tread | Reduced to $84.98 from $169.95 | Click here to purchase




Kimba Likes Style Notes:

  • Alton Stud Ankle Boots – purchased from Target
  • Leather Panelled Ponte Pants – purchased from Country Road
  • Capture Merino sweater dress – purchased from Ezibuy
  • Her Fashion Box beanie from the July Feminine collection – gifted by Her Fashion Box
  • Her Fashion Box statement necklace from the July Feminine collection – gifted by Her Fashion Box

Kimba Likes Image Credits:

  • Photographs copyright Kim-Marie Williams
  • Images sourced from Glassons, Style Tread and The Iconic
  • Images edited by Kim-Marie Williams using PicMonkey

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  • […] dear gods.  I’m vehemently against leggings as pants.  It’s not a bodyshaming thing – I just don’t need to feel like I’m in a […]ReplyCancel

  • Kelley @ magnetoboldtoo - 2 September 2013 - 10.21 pm

    I love you. Leggings are not pants. HUZZAH!ReplyCancel

  • Janet from Redland City Living - 24 July 2013 - 9.37 pm

    Love this outfit – if it ever disappears from your clothes line, you’ll know who to blame! 😉ReplyCancel

    • Kim-Marie Williams - 24 July 2013 - 11.19 pm

      Most flattering jumper and so warm too! You’d never get to wear it in Queensland. Best I keep it! xReplyCancel

  • Lisa Mckenzie - 24 July 2013 - 4.54 pm

    Lovely Outfit,it really suits you!ReplyCancel

  • Alexandra Kutuzov - 24 July 2013 - 1.14 pm

    I do love your style, I must just be getting old, because as an 80’s girl, leggings will always classify as pants for me. Otherwise they might as well just be thicker opaque tights.ReplyCancel

    • Kim-Marie Williams - 24 July 2013 - 2.34 pm

      Oh, thank you Alexandra! I wore leggings in the 80s too but they had ruffled ra ra skirts over the top!ReplyCancel

      • Alex Kutuzov - 26 July 2013 - 12.30 pm

        I just wore oversized band shirts with my leggings and ridiculously hairsprayed big hair. My braver 17 year old self dared to wear ra ra skirts sans leggings or tights!ReplyCancel

  • katypotaty - 24 July 2013 - 11.27 am

    We will have to agree to disagree on this one, Kimba! I wear leggings, jeggings and Ponte pants often without a long top covering my butt and front bits. The comfort factor can’t be beat, and I refuse to pretend that my bum doesn’t exist. It does exist, and a few select gentlemen have been known to appreciate looking at it!
    Seriously though, this rule annoys me. Unless your leggings are see through, there’s no reason to cover it all up with a baggy top. Tunics and dresses do look great with leggings, but if I have a cute top that’s a bit shorter, I’ll still wear it with tight pants. Body confidence is the aim of the game!ReplyCancel

    • Kim-Marie Williams - 24 July 2013 - 1.06 pm

      I’m all for smashing the fashion rules, Katy, but I’m just sick of looking at too many ugly bunched up knicker lines under leggings, and too many camel toes. And hideous elasticated waistbands. Not to mention loose baggy too-see-through fabrics. That is just way too much information.

      I have lots of pairs of pants that are called “jeggings” but have a proper waistband, back pockets and zipper and button and are made of denim fabric. I’ve got no problem wearing them as pants. My very thick Country Road ponte leggings with have made an outing or two with a top that is longer in the back than the hip length front. I’ve got actual jeans and real trousers that I don’t wear without long tops because they are unflattering around the bum and lady garden area.

      I’m proud of my baby-got-back butt and I know the Welshman is definitely a fan, but i really don’t feel comfortable wearing leggings as pants.

      This is pretty much my only fashion rule, Katy! I’m not ashamed of my figure. At all. But just like I don’t like men wearing very low neck tees or girls wearing denim shorts that you can see their knickers in, I don’t like the look of leggings worn as pants. I think it does come back to Too Much Information!

      Thick ponte pants without a middle seam (guaranteed camel toe!) and detailed side seams and a flattering smoothing waistband look much better than ill fitting jeans with muffin top spilling over the top, for sure.

      Babe, if you’re comfortable and confident, then go for it. It’s my rule, not yours.ReplyCancel

      • katypotaty - 24 July 2013 - 8.01 pm

        Oh, no offence meant, Kimba! I promise I still love you – with camel toe or without! 😉

        I do have a fashion rule when it comes to jeggings, leggings, ponte pants, and pretty much everything else… quality fabric and cut trumps all. So as long as your leggings are made of a divinely thick but flattering fabric, knock yourself out and show me your butt!ReplyCancel

  • Nin - 24 July 2013 - 8.34 am

    Love that term ‘neck party’! Loving the hat so muchReplyCancel

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