What I Wore : Melbourne Cup 2012



Melbourne Cup 2012 and it was a work day for me.  A work day with a team barbecue for lunch and a big screen TV tuned to the Melbourne Cup coverage nonetheless.  I was not remotely trackside.  I didn’t even place a bet.  Actually, I didn’t even see the race.  But did I frock up and wear a hat regardless?  You bet your little fascinator I did!

What I wore for Melbourne Cup 2012 was a brocade Cue wiggle dress, previously seen here for Frocktober Day 5, with two tone nude and black peep toe booties by Wittner, a Pink Corporation bag and a Leona Edmiston leather snakeskin print belt.  To keep it nice, I added nude fishnets.

That’s all very well and good, but what did I wear on my head?  Show me the hat, baby!



Let’s face it, I had a few to choose from!



Look how pretty this little girl is – she has a golden straw darling little hat, ribbon, bows and a gloriously feathered headband.



The best thing about a little cocktail hat?  Dirty hair works better, and such a gorgeous way to disguise it!

I kept my makeup simple and pretty – flushed pink cheeks, a shiny pink lip and bronze-gold eyes with a bold brow.  As always, lashings of mascara for my favourite fluttery lashes.


In the morning, I pulled out most of my hats to photograph for Photo a Day’s daily prompt of “a favourite thing”, thereby resulting in a dilemma.  Which one should I choose?

Twitter and Instagram were tied neck and neck for the lace one and the straw one.

In the end, I enlisted Boyo’s help.  His favourite was the gorgeous black Mimco concoction, but it was just a little bit too heavy for a day in the office.  I had journals to enter, bank reconciliations to complete and marketing statistics to analyse after all.  As I couldn’t decide between the very pretty lace top hat (I can’t believe it cost me $20 from Diva), or the charming natural straw hat ($15 brand new from Rozelle Red Cross), I let him choose.  I think he may have inherited some of my showgirl magpie tendencies, because he went for the bold gold glitter of the little Mimco.



You will never believe what I paid for my Mimco hats.  I believe it may be one of my biggest bargains ever!  They were in the $200-250 price range originally.  A couple of years ago, we had a Sanctuary Cove Gold Coast theme park holiday, and I was let loose in a fabulous outlet centre with $100 Xmas money and an hour to myself.  I found these little babies for sale at $20.  I couldn’t believe it when I was charged $16 apiece – apparently there was a further 20% discount.  Oh my!  I have to confess I bought three, and had to stack them in the Welshman’s luggage for the return trip home.  He’s the only one who ever has room in his bag!

Our office banded together to have a barbecue lunch in the office.  Feather & Bone steaks, David Jones French cheeses, gourmet breads from the famous Cammeray bakery and a delicious fresh salad.  We barbecue in style!

I had such a horrendously unlucky start to my day where everything that could go wrong did go wrong that I decided not to bother with a trip to the TAB.  At the last minute, I set up an office sweep and managed to win the princely sum of $5 for selecting the third place winner, Jakkalberry, in his glorious yellow silks.

This was definitely lucky in more ways than one.  We have an office tradition where the holder of the losing horse’s sweep ticket has to gallop around the office on a little hobby horse.  Yes, we have an office hobby horse.  I know right!  I was the inaugural galloper two years ago.  Winning $5 is good.  Not having to gallop on the hobby horse?  Priceless!



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