What I Wore this Weekend : Fathers Day

On Sunday, the Antipodean nations celebrated some pretty cool dudes in our lives for Father’s Day.  We made sure the Welshman had a special day.  He started off with a little sleep in, a full English at one of our favourite cafes, then an exciting trip to the supermarket.  Oh no, it wasn’t as bad as it sounds.  The trip was to acquire a new Pokemon DVD that Boyo was very keen on.  I sacrificed my sanity to watch it with Boyo, freeing the Welshman for hours of uninterrupted newspaper reading.  He read all the weekend papers before the end of the weekend.  Amazing, I know!

In the afternoon, we headed off to the Botanic Gardens with our Boyo-planned picnic in tow.  The chocolate soup was amazing, and the Welshman even more amazing for figuring out how to keep melted chocolate melty enough to survive the car trip to the park, and the even longer trip finding a car park.  How good are freshly chocolate-dipped strawberries!

Now on to the important stuff – what I wore this weekend, of course!

Sydney’s weather on Sunday was beautiful and warm and sunshiny – if you were in the sunshine and out of the wind.  I teamed my favourite old Country Road brogue Chelsea boots (in desperate need of some polish love) with Country Road leather-trimmed ponte pants, with a Country Road navy and black striped tunic with a ruched front.  Yes, I was dangerously close to leggings as pants.  And I loved it.

Oh dear, I hadn’t realised I was flying the Country Road flag until I just typed that sentence!  Oh, the shame!

Luckily, I broke it up a little with this fabulous Zara patterned scarf that I bought on opening day.  Yes, I queued.  For fashion.  Yes, I did.  I also bought my fabulous pony hair leopard loafers on this day – and have never really found anything decent in Zara since.

The hat is from Mimco, and the fabulous earrings are from Witchery.  Wrinkles are model’s own.

The man of the hour wore his Country Road Father’s Day present, and looked very dapper.  He still makes my heart beat faster every day.

Boyo declared that as it was Father’s Day, fathers got special privileges.  They could not be told off for farting or burping.  Full immunity – didn’t even have to attempt to blame it on someone else, like the bunny or the fish or our non-existent dog.  He then declared that as he was a future father, these privileges applied to him too, and proceeded to take full advantage.  Boys.  Honestly.

Here he is, wearing a Country Road denim hat (we do shop elsewhere on occasion, honestly), with an Esprit shirt, Converse shorts, Daddy’s Raybans, Gap dinosaur socks and Seed denim kicks.


That’s what I wore this weekend.  What did you wear for Father’s Day?

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