Where to shop for tweenager boys

Where to shop for tweenager boys @kimbalikes #kimbalikes kimbalikes.com

I describe myself as an “inbetweenie” when it comes to my size and shape.  For me, this means that sometimes standard sizes in some brands and shops are too small, yet plus size brands and styles are usually too big for me.  For me, it’s partly due to carrying some extra weight, and partly due to having EnormoBoobs.

Boyo is now a tweenager – he starts high school next year.  I know, right? I can’t believe it either.

He was an EnormoBaby.  4.5 kg (that’s a smidge under 10 pounds) and 58 cm long at birth. As a big baby, he was also incredibly strong.  He lifted his head from birth.  He rolled before he was 3 months old.  He crawled at 3 and a half months old – in his funny little commando wriggly worm style. He crawled “properly” at 6 months, and only once had he got that move down did he teach himself how to sit.  He cruised at 7 months, walked at 9 months and ran at 10 months.

He has always been 97th percentile for height and weight.  As a newborn, I had to squish him into a 000 to get him home from hospital.  We went shopping that week to stock up on 00 baby clothing, and newborn nappies were just too small for him.

He’s got his uncle’s barrel chest, his dad’s axe handle shoulders and turkey drumstick thighs and his mother’s long back and baby got back butt.  He’s had that shape since he was my hunky chunky baby boy.

Now that he’s a tweenager, we are having “inbetweenie” issues finding clothes to fit him.  Many kid sizes are just too narrow for his broad shoulders and muscly thighs.  Yet he’s just not tall enough for most men’s clothes to fit him.  He’s an inbetweenie tweenager!

If you’ve got a boy like mine, then I’ve got the skinny on where to shop for your tweenager boy.

Where to shop for tweenager boys

We’ve trawled through all the shops and brands to establish what works for us.  If you’ve got a rocking hunky chunky tweenager boy in your family, then read on!

Where to shop for tweenager boys @kimbalikes #kimbalikes kimbalikes.com

Jay Jays

Jay Jays are perfect for tweenagers.  They offer lots of cool clothes with cartoon characters, like Pokemon and Adventure Time, to name a few.

They’re easy on the pocket too, with well priced quality clothing and accessories. Plus they’re the master of the double up deal, with deals for buying two items.

Sizes for guys start at XXS for tops, 28 for shorts and pants, and denim from 26.

Shop Jay Jays

Where to shop for tweenager boys @kimbalikes #kimbalikes kimbalikes.com

Seed Teen Boy

Seed, beloved brand of yummy mummies, has expanded their children’s range to a teenage range.  Up to size 16.  Classic with a cheeky twist.  Best to size up as they follow a modern design slim cut.

Shop Seed Teen Boy

Where to shop for tweenager boys @kimbalikes #kimbalikes kimbalikes.com

Indie Kids by Industrie

Indie Kids is the cool kids range from the designers of cool men’s gear, Industrie.  Like their father brand, the designs tend to be slim cut, so if your tweenager boy is broad as well as tall, size up!

We buy Boyo’s cool sweats and drawstring summer shorts from Indie Kids.  They also have a rocking range of formal wear for boys.

Shop Indie Kids at David Jones

Where to shop for tweenager boys @kimbalikes #kimbalikes kimbalikes.com

Next Kids

Oh, how I love Next!  A UK classic brand, beloved by generations, it stocks everything from socks and jocks right through to furniture and everything in between. I used to stock up when we visited the UK, but now they ship direct to Australia via Next Direct or via Ezibuy.  Brilliant kids clothes – Boyo’s wardrobe is stuffed to the gunwales with Next gear.

Shop Next Kids at Next Direct | Shop Next Kids at Ezibuy

Don’t even get me started on shoes.  Boyo’s been in man size shoes since he was 9 years old.

Have you got a hunky chunky tweenager boy in your house? Where do you get your kids clothes from?

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