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I’m not a fitness geek or an amateur athlete. I don’t run.  Hell, I don’t even jog. But I wear a Fitbit every day.  I’m going to tell you why I love my Fitbit.

I bought a Fitbit Flex in the Christmas sales. Not just one of those silly New Year’s Resolutions, but an ongoing goal to regain my strength and stamina after years of chronic illness.  My New Year’s resolution, by the way? Keep Being Awesome.  Yep.

The most annoying symptoms of my autoimmune disease are inflammation and oedema.  Both of which make exercise uncomfortable to the point of painful.

Therefore, incidental exercise is really important to me. Walking where I can. Parking the car as far away as possible. Taking the stairs instead of the elevator.  Plus low impact exercise like walking, yoga and aquaerobics.

Being mindful of what I eat plays a big part too.  When you can’t exercise regularly to burn it off, making sure you eat well is even more important.  Eating too much is never a good idea – even if you eat too much good food.

My Fitbit Flex and the MyFitnessPal app work beautifully together to keep me on track.  I found the MyFitnessPal app more user friendly than the native Fitbit app for food tracking.

I aim for my daily step goal, and track my food and water intake. I can track my sleep too.

I drink 2 litres of water per day, and have a daily nutrition goal of 50% carbs, 20% protein and 30% fat.  My kilojoule goal is based on my goal weight, my activity level and how much weight I’d like to lose per week.  I wouldn’t mind losing a couple of kilograms, but my main goal is to not put on additional weight.

As I go throughout my day, I can see how many steps I’ve got left to hit my daily goal.  I might go for a quick walk, or pop up and down the stairs a few times, to reach my goal. Or think well, I did my best and I’ll have another go tomorrow.  Pushing myself isn’t a great idea with autoimmune disease health issues – especially when I’m already sore and tired.

I track what I eat by logging my meals.  I can save regular meals and name them for easy input.  I can search through a large list of saved foods, brands and meals, including fast food and restaurant options.  Alternatively, I can add a new item – including portion size, fat, kilojoules, carbs, sugar, etc.

Knowing that I do this helps me remember to eat regular meals.  I’m guilty of getting busy, skipping breakfast or lunch and then making less than ideal food choices.

It also keeps me on track with sometimes food and treats. One biscuit doesn’t look like that much when it’s on a plate.  Being able to work out exactly what percentage of my daily intake that one biscuit is – and being able to compare it to a healthier choice – really helps me make better decisions.  I still eat biscuits – but I tend to have one, not three.

Another benefit of food tracking is that I established I’m eating too much protein and fat and not enough carbs.  A few simple adjustments, and I’m losing weight without feeling hungry.  I didn’t really have sugar cravings – I was just hungry! Adding a slice of bread here and some brown rice there, and my sugar cravings have significantly diminished.

Why I love my Fitbit #kimbalikes @kimbalikes kimbalikes.com

Fitbit style

My Fitbit, in a smart navy band, has integrated seamlessly into my daily arm parties.  Coordinating well with my navy Mimco Timepeace, and a chunky bangle or artsy charm bracelet or two.  I recently discovered the delights of coloured and patterned Fitbit bands on eBay.  Three patterns – navy floral, teal polkadot, blue china plate – and one plain tangerine band are winging their way to me as we speak.  For a few dollars each (they’re not the official bands), it seemed a good idea to buy a few different patterns.

I charge my Fitbit about once a week – it doesn’t take long at all.  I usually plug it in whilst I’m watching TV in the evening, or perhaps leave it overnight.

I would recommend a Fitbit, in conjunction with MyFitnessPal app, for anyone who is interested in monitoring their step activity, and their food intake.  It integrates easily into your daily life, takes only a few minutes a day and works well as a daily prompt to keep up exercise and make better food choices.

Using a Fitbit in my daily activities is never going to turn me into a runner – as if! – but it has helped to keep me accountable to myself.

Why I love my Fitbit @kimbalikes #kimbalikes kimbalikes.com

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Are you a Fitbit fan?


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