Why I overshare

Kimba Likes continuing the conversation and helping each other - why I overshare! | chronic illness, mental health, endometriosis, keeping it real #kimbalikes

So, I’ve kinda been oversharing a bit on the interwebs lately.  This is apparently a Very Bad Thing.  People want you to keep it real … but not THAT real.

I’ve banged on about ovarian cancer symptoms, horrible periods, mental health, PMDD and PMS, body image, endometriosis, chronic illness, changing my diet, operations and recovery … I’ve even written about poo!

I shared the story of my miscarriage – the loss of Boyo’s twin – and the horrible conflicting emotions of losing a baby whilst still being pregnant.

My #everydaystyle Instagram posts often include some oversharing.  Recently, I shared a photo of me with the kind of bloated tummy that made me look a few months up the duff.  Being bloated isn’t just unattractive – it’s painful. I didn’t put that photo up with an oversharing message to get compliments (although some people were kind enough to do so).  I shared it to let people know what life with endometriosis can be like.

That’s pretty much why I overshare in a nutshell.

Kimba Likes continuing the conversation and helping each other - why I overshare! | chronic illness, mental health, endometriosis, keeping it real #kimbalikes

Why I overshare

  • to keep it real
  • to continue the conversation
  • to help
  • to educate
  • to empathise
  • to connect with those who have similar issues
  • to pass on tips and tricks

I’m all about keeping it real.  This goes for everything from being a responsible blogger and advising whether I’ve received goods or payment (duh! Wish everyone would do this) to well, talking about poo!

Kimba Likes continuing the conversation and helping each other - why I overshare! | chronic illness, mental health, endometriosis, keeping it real #kimbalikes

Continuing the conversation is what blogging and social media is all about.  Kinda the whole point.  I love that the fabulous community of women who read Kimba Likes can have a chat on Facebook, share our Me Time #kimbalikesdailytreats Moments on Instagram, and most importantly laugh; often at ourselves.  We don’t always agree – and thank the gods for that.  How boring would that be?

When we continue the conversation, the rest of the points come into the equation.

  • It helps me to talk about what I’m going through
  • It has helped others to understand conditions like PMDD, endometriosis, autoimmune disease
  • I’ve learned so much about myself and others’ from starting the conversation with a good dose of overshare
  • Every time we have one of these conversations, I get emails and messages from people who thank me. They know they’re not alone. That their normal isn’t weird.
  • We all want to be able to relate to someone, and oversharing helps with both empathy and sympathy
  • Oversharing has connected me with people who have the same or similar conditions and experiences
  • I’ve picked up so many life hacks, practitioner referrals, tips, treatment options … you name it, I’ve been able to pass it on or gratefully receive some helpful info

Yes, there are negative connotations to oversharing on the internet.  Especially when it comes to our kids and their own online forays.

But there are a myriad of reasons why oversharing is a Very Good Thing.  So, why I overshare? Because it helps.

Do you overshare? Has someone oversharing helped you out?

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  • Lauren @SAHM I am - 19 January 2016 - 8.48 am

    I just shared my own health journey on my blog- I was hesitant about posting it but it did help me work through some of the disappointment I felt with my body and also to let others know what I have been going through so that they can be informed too.ReplyCancel

  • TeganMC - 18 January 2016 - 5.38 pm

    People probably think that I overshare at times. I do keep a lot back though. I think that what we share really is up to us. If you feel OK about the amount you share then that is what matters at the end of the day. I always laugh at the people who say think of when the kids are teenagers when you share in a blog something about yourself. I don’t know many teenagers who would look up their friends mum blog. Way too uncool to admit doing that lol. ReplyCancel

  • Janet aka Middle Aged Mama - 18 January 2016 - 3.58 pm

    Yup me too … coz as we share we help each other xReplyCancel

  • Raylene Barton - 18 January 2016 - 12.48 pm

    I overshare too as it helps me and (hopefully) others going through the same thing. You do great things Kim xReplyCancel

  • Parisgirl - 18 January 2016 - 11.30 am

    If sharing helps you then go for it I say. Verbal sharing has kept me sane over many years. I deal with a mental health issue in my immediate family that has taken such a toll on me. Without the opportunity to vent/share/discuss I would have gone round the twist. I don’t blog but I probably should so reading that others live in a less than perfect world helps me to feel that life is not so bad.ReplyCancel

  • Beth | AlmostPosh.com - 18 January 2016 - 11.12 am

    Share away, I say!ReplyCancel

  • Ruth H-B @Kanga_Rue - 18 January 2016 - 6.04 am

    Thank you! Please keep sharing. While you may have some detractors, what they say says more about them than you, and the rest of us love you for it. 😚ReplyCancel

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