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The Welshman isn’t very keen on being my fashion photographer and it must be said he’s not thrilled about waiting until I’ve Instagrammed his meal before he can eat.  But when it comes to helping me out with a wine review for Wine Selectors, he can see the benefits of being married to a blogger.


Wine Selectors


Wine Selectors very kindly sent me a selection of their Chef Series wines, complete with a matching Recipe Card for each wine.  The Chef Series is described as the unique concept in the marriage of food and wine.  I love this quote – “like all successful marriages, these unions between some of the country’s favourite chefs and premium Australian wines have taken hard work and commitment.”  Oh, I hear you.

In our own successful marriage, the Welshman buys the wine and we drink it together.  It is possible that this contributes to the success of our marriage.

Although I’m not very knowledgable about wine, I have expensive tastes, and can identify my favourite varietals by their distinctive characteristics.  Unfortunately, this hard won skill borne from years of practice isn’t sufficient to wax lyrical about the delights of the Wine Selectors White Wines and Red Wines from the Chef Series.  Luckily, the Welshman is somewhat of a wine snob expert and has kindly offered to assist.  He’s good like that.


Wine Selectors


Wine Selectors | White Wine

Alastair McLeod Riesling 2010

  • Region:  Great Southern, WA
  • Winemaker:  John Durham, Plantagenet Wines
  • Price:  $27.95 per bottle | $23.75 per 6-pack / dozen
  • Wine Selectors Chef Series Recipe:  Anise roasted barramundi, steamed clams, heart of palm

A tasty citrus and lime riesling, featuring a lovely flinty mineral structure with a lingering dry finish.  Goes very well with seafood or shellfish, and was fabulous in our chicken risotto.  Wins the best of the whites in this collection.  Great value for money.


Ben O’Donoghue Pinot Gris 2011

  • Region:  Mornington Peninsula, VIC
  • Winemaker:  Robin Brockett, Scotchmans Hill
  • Price:  $29.50 per bottle | $25.10 per 6-pack / dozen
  • Wine Selectors Chef Series Recipe:  Crab and rocket salad

The Welshman says this lovely white wine tastes more like an aperitif than a wine.  It is very refreshing, not bone dry and slightly fruity.  A perfect wine to drink with entrees involving seafood and fish.  It has loads of flavour all the way to the finish, with the most recognisable flavour being pear and peach.


Wine Selectors

Ian Parmenter Gerwurztraminer 2012

  • Region:  Goulburn Valley, VIC
  • Winemaker:  Suzanne Little, The Little Wine Company
  • Price:  $27.00 per bottle | $22.95 per 6-pack / dozen
  • Wine Selectors Chef Series Recipe:  Super smooth laksa

A very floral wine with flavours of pear and lychee.  Full flavours but not oaky or sweet.  The Welshman recommends serving with spicy food, spiced fish, Thai food.



Wine Selectors


Wine Selectors | Red Wine

Ben O’Donoghue Shiraz 2011

  • Region:  Hunter Valley, NSW
  • Winemaker:  Mark Woods, Leogate Estate Wines
  • Price:  $32.00 per bottle | $27.20 per 6-pack / dozen
  • Wine Selectors Chef Series Recipe:  Grilled miso cured Wagyu beef

A soft yet rich wine with a fruity taste.  Apparently, this elegant Hunter Shiraz reminds the Welshman of a gentleman’s club.  I’m hoping he means leather and tobacco, not rudie nudie girlies.  He says it would be great with a steak.  The wine, not the nudie rudie girlies.


Frank Camorra Tempranillo 2010

  • Region:  Margaret River, WA
  • Winemaker:  Brian Fletcher, Rosabrook
  • Price:  $40.50 per bottle | $34.45 per 6-pack / dozen
  • Wine Selectors Chef Series Recipe:  Croquetas de Manos de Cerdo – Sticky pork croquettes

This wine is deliciously soft but with some bite.  It put the Welshman in mind of a good Rioja, but with a fruitier taste.  He thinks it would be lovely with Spanish food and roast meats.  Although it is a 2010 vintage, he suggests this wine would benefit from cellaring for a few years.  By far, the best red in the selection.


Wine Selectors


Grossi Barbera 2011

  • Region:  King Valley, VIC
  • Winemaker:  Warren Proft, Chrismont
  • Price:  $35.00 per bottle | $29.75 per 6-pack / dozen
  • Wine Selectors Chef Series Recipe:  Pappardelle with spiced veal ragu

The Welshman says this wine is a classic Italian varietal with cherry flavours.  A dry wine, but not overwhelmingly so.  Great with Italian stews, braises and cold meats.  He recommends decanting to let it breathe for an hour or so before drinking – it improves the taste considerably.

The fabulous Wine Selectors Chef Series Tasting Menu 6 pack has sold out – I’m not surprised!  However, some of the range are still available to purchase as individual bottles.  There’s a 15% discount on offer if you buy a 6 pack or a dozen.  Click here to check it out.


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  • Lisa Mckenzie - 29 January 2014 - 1.58 pm

    I think the Welshman has done a very good job reviewing wines for you Kim-Marie I can understand him not being into fashion ,my husband is not at all either and if I ask him to take a pic for everyday style he pulls a face!ReplyCancel

  • Sonia from Sonia Styling - 28 January 2014 - 10.54 am

    I’m pretty sure my husband would suddenly become extremely interested in my blog if there was wine to be reviewed – funny that! Please pass on to The Welshman he has done a stellar job!ReplyCancel

  • Mystery Case - 27 January 2014 - 5.48 am

    Reviewing wine… a tough job but someone has got to do it! I can’t actually drink any alcohol with my dodgy pancreas but hubby will be interested to read this.ReplyCancel

    • Kim-Marie Williams - 27 January 2014 - 7.45 am

      It was a tough job! Husbands really start to see the point of blogging when boxes of wine in need of reviewing turn up at your front door. Can’t quite understand it myself.ReplyCancel

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